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these are the storage bags every cheese lover should have

by:Dezheng     2020-06-15
Cheese is one of the best food for us-
There are good reasons.
There are many types to choose from and you can put it on everything (Pasta! Protein! Veggies! )
Nor can we resist the temptation of cheese.
But on the delicious cheese sundae, the cherry is probably getting better with age.
Well, sometimes.
It depends on how you store it.
There is a reason for those fancy shmancy shops to wrap wedges in cheese bags or paper.
Plastic wrap is probably the easiest way to store mozzarella cheese or muenster, but it will actually suffocate your cheese.
A few days later, the precious cheese you are very excited to eat can taste the taste of plastic.
No, thank you.
Give your wedges the TLC they deserve with the cheese storage bag of the formicum.
At first glance, they look like ordinary paper bags.
You know, you will use them to pack your child\'s lunch or store leftovers.
However, they are made of polyethylene and wax --
The coated paper claimed by formicum helps to adjust the humidity and let the cheese breathe. Translation?
These bags will make your cheese as creamy and moist as before.
Anyone who has several cheeses in the refrigerator at any given moment (um, guilty! )
Know how important your label is.
After all, no one wants to confuse Asiago with Palma.
These bags have a dedicated place for you to name and date each wedge so you can make the cheese board with the most delicious and freshest selection. With a 4.
Amazon has a rating of 5/5 and a positive review of 600, and Fakespot is a website that tracks the accuracy of Amazon\'s reviews, which are essential for any cheese maker.
Fortunately, they are also very affordable.
Now you can buy a set of 15 bags for less than $10.
We will do whatever it takes to keep the cheese in its original state, but we will also be happy to accept it.
Buy: forma Tim cheese storage bag; Amazon, $9.
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