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Watercolor paper quality that 99% of people don’t know

Watercolor paper quality that 99% of people don’t know

How did we choose watercolor paper  
Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd.

When many people first started to paint, they didn’t know how to use paper. They chose bad paper. The effect of painting was poor and they felt frustrated.

After screening the products, it was found that good paper was easy to control and smudged naturally, and the picture effect instantly increased to a level. This feeling is the same as when you take pictures with a beauty camera without makeup and think about how I feel so beautiful.

Therefore, what kind of paper is used is very important for beginners.

Let's take a look at the most frequently asked questions when beginners choose paper

Watercolor paper quality that 99 of people don’t know-Dezheng
What are wood pulp paper and cotton pulp paper?

Wood pulp paper is wood pulp made entirely of natural wood, no other fibers are added, and the fibers are purely woody.

Cotton pulp paper uses cotton linters as raw materials, with relatively pure cellulose, slender and elastic fibers, toughness and bending resistance, and good absorbency. The finished paper is fine and soft, has a high degree of opacity, and can be stored for a long time.

All our watercolor sketchbook are made of 100% cotton paper, Acid-free watercolor paper

What is the difference between wood pulp paper and cotton pulp paper?

From the material, it is divided into wood pulp paper, cotton pulp paper and cotton-wood mixed paper, and even better, there seems to be handmade hemp paper. Wood pulp paper is cheaper, cotton pulp paper is more expensive.

In contrast to the color development, the paper surface of wood pulp paper is bleached, which is closer to the white of printing paper, while the cotton pulp paper is milky white and slightly yellow. The picture below is my own exercise, and it is obvious that the color of the paper is different.

From the comparison of water absorption, because of the different materials, wood pulp paper has poor water absorption and is prone to water marks when smudged. The dog shown in the figure below has obvious water marks and is easy to scrub, but the moisture is not easy to control, so it is not easy for novices. grasp. The cotton pulp paper has relatively good water absorption and good blooming effect, which is suitable for characterizing layer by layer.

Our watercolor paper is natural white, which is closer to life and has a higher degree of restoration

Dezheng-watercolor sketchbook

Dezheng-watercolor sketchbook
Does the thickness of the watercolor paper affect the painting effect?

Thicknesses are generally 200g, 300g, and 600g. The thicker the paper, the more expensive it is.

The thicker the paper, the stronger the water storage capacity, and the less prone to wrinkles on the paper. Of course, thinner paper can be used to mount paper or buy a four-sided sealant to improve the wrinkle of the paper.

The thicker the paper, the more suitable it is to depict layer by layer, and the thicker the paper, the easier it is to turn gray. Generally practice color drafts, make a color chart, or use 200g paper for small pictures. Commonly used paper we are more accustomed to using 300g paper.

(Pictures are from pinterest)

Our Watercolor Sketchbook use 300g neutral inner pages, which have good water absorption, high color retention, tear resistance and wrinkle resistance, suitable for wet painting

What is the difference between watercolor papers with different textures?

According to the production process of watercolor paper, there are differences between cold pressing and hot pressing, which are divided into coarse grain, medium thick and fine grain. Different texture paper draws different effects and feels different. Generally, rough-grained and medium-coarse paper are often used for landscape painting, and fine-grained paper is used for illustrations that require more delicate picture effects.

For watercolor books(watercolor sketchbook), we generally use medium coarse texture, because they are more durable and can be painted on both sides, with high reduction and good blooming effects, so they are more suitable for watercolor paintings.

Dezheng-Watercolor paper watercolor sketchbook

Dezheng-Watercolor paper watercolor sketchbook

Different painting books(watercolor sketchbook) have different feelings, with simple sketches and vivid watercolors. 

The paper has been carefully selected for a year, only in pursuit of the best quality. On the paper, we have never received any bad reviews. 

We will help you choose different watercolor textures according to your needs, which has reached your expectation.

You can test our quality through a sample.

Contact us, we will make your watercolor plan bigger and stronger together

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