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Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of printing and packaging products that founded in 1997 and located in Guangzhou, which covers nearly 1500 square meters workshop area and with a team of skillful workers and well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force.



Our factory is the boss’s family business.

The father of our boss, is the production consultant of the People's Printing Factory of China, he devotes study himself to the printing technology all his life.

He is willing to share with people in the same industry and help customers to make the products more beautiful.

Providing printing and packaging solution for 25 years.

We pride ourselves on our satisfied and repeat customers so whatever your needs rest assured we will do our best to explain and carry out the work to the highest standard.

Dezheng factory


Our workshop is mainly divided into: printing workshop, production process workshop, manual customization workshop, warehouse


Printing workshop, there are 3 printing equipments, and the total daily production capacity of the three printing machines can reach 480,000 sheets. The first is a folio monochrome printer (mainly used for printing the inner pages of notebooks); The second is a four-open four-color printing machine, mainly used for printing thicker paper bags and cartons and other outer packaging; The third one is a split eight-color printing machine, which supports double-sided four-color printing at the same time, and is often used for double-sided printing of paper bags.


Production process workshop: The main machines are paper cutters, automatic die-cutting machines and automatic hot stamping machines, each with a daily production capacity of over 150,000


Manual customization workshop: The manual production line serves to customize personalized products.


Warehouse, mainly used to store raw materials and products to be shipped, etc.

 It's about culture, it's about taste

We, Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd., was established in April 1997, located on Dezheng Road, Guangzhou, China, so it was named Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd. We also uphold the spirit of "Government by Virtue" to operate the company and serve all our customers. With the spirit of craftsmen and the attitude of learning and sharing, we have gone from the monochrome era of printing to the current eight-color era of printing; our first batch of customers witnessed Hitachi Elevator, Red Bull, Guangzhou Restaurant and many other enterprises.


Dezheng factory is awarded with Licence No. G259364 by Guangzhou hall procurement supplier qualification units, and to be awarded with certificate No.511044 designed envelope production manufacturers by the postal department of Guangdong province.

As a member of BNI commerce ,our factory is accessed by TUV group, SGS and BV verified.



Our service

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. A great man is always willing to be very little.


Share printing and packaging solution before order


Start production based on your project, we have factory, so we are able to update you the process


Strick QC team to re-check your product, the ensure the quality


Safe packaging and arrange shipping according the shippment way we talked.


Update the shipping information and we will confrim if the products damage

Old customer's discount

Should you have promotion, you will be the first one we invite.


Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd has been focusing on cultural creative product, packaging and printing solution for 25 years.  As long as you have an idea, we can provide professional advice and a set of solutions that suit you. Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd has been focusing on cultural creative product, packaging and printing solution for 25 years.  As long as you have an idea, we can provide professional advice and a set of solutions that suit you. 

 Let's promote your project, make it come ture

Providing printing and packaging solutions for 25 years

 Focus on Cultural and creative products for more than 25 Years, No matter in terms of quality or design, you can fully trust us and will provide you with the greatest support! 


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