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Participation in Home for the Elderly

Participation in Home for the Elderly


Visiting the home for the elderly to show our kindness to the elder

Some elderly said, "my children are too busy to see me", so they are afraid to contact their family, then he cried. Such a lonely lonely day!

For these elderly people, the polite thing is to change the subject, accompany with them and make them happy.

There are a lot of elderly people, but lack of member of volunteers. We believe that everyone is responsible for the social welfare which makes life meaningful.


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Telling funny stories


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  Sharing photos 

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Recorded elderly's opinions on the surrounding, their real feeling to themselves, also their hopes for their children and for us.

And shared our suggestions to the person in charge , to try our best to let them have a better life.


Take photo with '' Uncle Hong Kong''

Uncle Hong Kong was a college professor, he is literate and positive, we learned a good deal for him.

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                       Sales team

80% post-90s young colleague

10% post-80s experienced colleague

10% post-70s mature colleague

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                         Group photo

We are very happy to join in  the public welfare activity organization




         Look at our lovely big face ^v^

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