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the grocery-bag dilemma: is paper or plastic greener?

by:Dezheng     2020-06-12
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 25/7/09 (3612 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
But alas, this is not the case.
The researchers recently found that this so-called green alternative actually contains bacteria, mold and other unappetizing and unhealthy organisms.
We still lack a clear solution to checkout
Line dilemma reveals a fundamental truth about all environmental problems: for each resource --
Choice of use, trade-
This is inevitable.
Many governments have not considered this issue in depth before issuing regulatory decrees in the name of environmental protection.
Toronto, for example, has passed a charter that requires stores to charge 5 cents for each new plastic bag that packs groceries.
The prescribed fees do not apply to paper bags, although the impact of paper bags on the environment is equivalent to or even greater than the impact of plastic.
Similarly, Ye Rapids City implemented three
Before the ban on disposable plastic bags in 2006, a US tax was imposed on disposable plastic bags in 2007.
The Ontario Liquor Control Board also prohibits the use of plastic bags in its stores, but allows the use of paper bags.
The retailer is also working on a bag policy. Metro Inc.
Third in Canada
The largest supermarket chain plans to charge customers 5 cents per bag, just as grocery store giant loblaww has already charged in Ontario.
Although the whole food announced that it would stop using traditional plastic bags, the store will sell high-end plastic bags for 99 cents (
Or $6 canvas. 99 to $35).
It will continue to provide paper bags for free.
The effective recognition of paper on plastics by Whole Foods and other foods offended some green groups, who had reason to argue that the practice lacked an objective scientific basis.
California president Steve Hamilton
The Environmental Affairs Commission\'s allegation is that food such as Whole Foods is \"feeling-
The worst time is good environmental protection.
\"In calculating the pros and cons, benefits and costs of each bag type, various factors must be taken into account, including all environmental and economic impacts of energy sources and chemical inputs and outputs in production, distribution and recycling.
Traditional View of plastic bags
It\'s synthetic.
Destructive to the environment, and paper bags-
Spawn of trees
Is a more eco-friendly choice.
But all kinds of life
A circular analysis of both products shows that bags made of paper actually require more energy to produce, produce more contaminants, and take up more landfill space than plastic
According to a Department of the US chemical Commission\'s Progressive Bag affiliate, paper bags produce 70 more emissions than plastics and 50 more water pollutants than plastics, which requires reduced energy to produce, reduce solid waste by 80.
Trade is involved in using plastic bagsoffs, too.
Earth Day Canada (2009)
It is reported that the production of plastic bags involves five of the six major hazardous chemicals --
Waste generation.
In addition, most plastic bags are made from fossil fuels.
In their favor, paper bags are recycled at a higher rate than plastic and require less energy to be recycled.
They are biodegradable, although in the dark, dry and oxygen neither type of bag can break down everything well
Was deprived of space in modern landfill sites.
When exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, the plastic will degrade into smaller particles over time.
But they are not reduced to organic matter like paper.
Not all reusable bags are equal.
For example, by polypropylene (plastic)
The manufacturing costs are low, but will soon wear out, limiting their reuse.
Canvas type is more durable but cotton yield and water
Dense, often involving a large number of pesticides.
According to the tests of the two independent laboratories, the most disturbing possibility for consumers is that the recently discovered reusable use poses a potential risk to health (
And the third evaluation of the results).
The researchers obtained bags for testing from shoppers who left the main grocery store.
All bags are blind.
More than the old bags have unsafe levels of bacterial contamination, 40 bags have yeast or mold, and some bags have fecal bacteria.
In contrast, traditional plastic bags do not show evidence of bacteria, mold, yeast, or coliform bacteria.
Billions of shopping bags, including paper and plastic, are used and discarded every year around the world.
So it\'s not surprising that the Greens will pick out this particular waste logistics as a mature corrective action.
Some people are using it.
Vincent Cobb, founder of Reusable bags
Com described plastic bags as \"a powerful symbol of consumerism madness \".
\"His site sells reusable alternatives ranging from $4. 95 to $18. 95.
For the correct choice of food grocery bags, people\'s opinions are very different, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
This is more of a reason why governments avoid dictating choices, especially when elected officials who make choices are more inclined to get green political points than to really improve the environment.
Diane Katz is Director, Risk, environment and energy policy, Vancouver
Fraser Institute.
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