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the green results from the throw away shopping tote

by:Dezheng     2020-07-03
Plastic shopping bags have only been used for about 40 years.A man named Walter Deber came up with the idea of a disposable bag.In 1912, he developed the original disposable paper bag with a handle.Give away disposable bags through 1950 merchants.It\'s not realistic for retailers to give paper bags away.This is actually the reason why many stores are using transparent plastic shopping bags now.Basically, they are cheaper than paper bags.This destructive model begins with the use of plastic bags, which include the use of oil and natural gasoline and other toxic chemicals to pollute the environment.Oil and GasRenewable energy.In addition, the exploration and drilling of these specific assets will only increase the destruction of countless the bag has been produced, it must be transferred for use.This consumes more pure assets on Earth.For example, the use of gasoline in trucks or other motor vehicles that transfer bags to a certain store is a waste of resources and discharge pollutants.Cars that buy, transport and throw away plastic bags also use gasoline, creating a vicious circle of exactly the same air pollution.The life of plastic bags starts with inspection-Walk out of the counter and finish at the residence for about ten minutes.It was then dumped and transported to a dump where it took 1,000 years to rot.Because it will degrade, it will break down into closer parts, which in turn will pollute the Earth and the drinking water.These items become the largest supply of particles in the marine environment.These smaller fragments pose a threat to marine life.They mistake these things for food, consume the garbage, and die.Land Wildlife are usually not immune to the risk of plastic bags.They were wrapped in bags and suffocated.It is regrettable that there may be no real remedy on this issue at the moment.Recycling of similar assets that need to be used in transit.Recycling companies use toxic chemicals to break down plastics.Also, this is not the costRecycling companies waste time and electricity recycling plastics is effective.They will come up with a $4,000 price tag to process and recycle a ton of plastic bags and only get $32 for selling recycled plastic.Almost all recycling companies don\'t find this interesting.They are able to generate more revenue and recycle more viable materials such as aluminum, glass and paper.Burning is not the real answer, because burning plastic can cause pollution and the cost is also high.Men and women continue to maintain a dangerous ignorance of the environmental consequences of disposable shopping bags to the world.Plastic shopping bags are easy to use and a lot of people don\'t usually stop to see the environmental impact.Despite plans to reduce or stop using plastic shopping bags, usage continues to rise.Perkins Hansborough is a green environmental activist.He is wary of using lives in Portland, Oregon.
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