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the everyday objects likely to be hit by federal ban on single-use plastics

by:Dezheng     2020-06-11
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Monday that the government will push ahead with a plan to ban singles
Plastic was used in China as early as 2021.
According to a press release, the initiative will also take steps to reduce pollution from other plastic products and work with provinces and regions to hold plastic manufacturers accountable for their own waste.
A clear definition of what constitutes a singleuse plastic —
And a more concise list of which products will be affected by this
It hasn\'t arrived yet, so it\'s hard to know which of your common household items will catch fire.
Here are some items that may be affected by the ban.
Over the past few years, a group of environmental activists around the world have been working to ban singles.
Plastic straw
According to the federal government, Canada uses 57 million plastic straws a day.
On July, Starbucks announced that it would remove plastic straws from its store by 2020 and replace them with a lid without straws --
Made of plastic
Plastic straws have been banned in some cities. In B. C.
On Saturday, Tofino and Ucluelet imposed a ban on plastic bags and straws.
Polystyrene foam found in cups, plates, take-out containers and various packages is one of the most notorious polluters as it is rarely recycled
It is estimated that it will not collapse in 500.
According to the French Minister of Ecology, the world produces more than 14 million tons of polystyrene a year, and scientists believe it is likely to cause cancer.
There have been several calls to ban it.
The federal government says 15 billion plastic bags are thrown out every year.
Plastic bags have been banned on Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.
In order to reduce the consumption of plastic bags, grocery stores no longer distribute plastic bags free of charge.
Last year, a CBC report found that although it is generally believed that black plastic take-out containers are not recyclable, they will eventually enter waterways and landfill sites like other garbage.
According to a Greenpeace spokesman, this is because the color of the plastic prevents it from being identified at the recycling plant.
According to the data of the research team, 25 dollars.
3 billion of disposable packaging goes into the US food industry. S. in 2017.
Almost every take-out order has plastic tableware packed in a small plastic bag, and it can take decades to break down in a landfill.
To offset their impact, the company has developed a single biodegradable
Use a tableware replacement made of organic materials.
Some can even be eaten.
According to Sustainability Victoria, even if the plates are made of recyclable plastic, the recyclers mistakenly classify them as paper because of their flat shape.
To avoid the use of plastic plates, some manufacturers have created alternatives made from palm leaves, bamboo, paper and even sugar cane.
According to the University of Toronto, even if the water bottle is recyclable, 65 million of the water bottles end up in landfill, with a total of bottles wasted each year.
Their plastics release toxic smoke when they degrade.
Many universities across the country ban singles
Use plastic water bottles on campus.
Plastic packaging it is easy to grab a few feet of plastic packaging whenever lunch needs to be packed.
According to the International Business Times, if we collect all the plastic used in the past 70 years, we can cover the whole Earth with plastic wrap.
While wax paper and beeswax paper are recyclable, they are used as organic alternatives.
The most common of the sandwich bag is the simple Ziploc bag produced by multiple companies. billion-
Dollar company. C.
Johnson and son
It is estimated that in the United States, the average familyS.
About 500 of these bags are used each year.
Six packs are one of the most iconic singles.
Plastic polluters, six-
In countless activities, packaging rings on the neck of some marine animals have been used.
The federal government reported that 1 million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals were injured or killed when they mistakenly thought plastic was food or in trouble.
To offset their negative image, manufacturers have developed reusable rings for beer and soda cans, and some have even created edible versions.
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