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the corrugated box and carton market in 2011

by:Dezheng     2020-07-05
At the end of 2009, after several increases in raw materials, the cost of cartons increased to the level of 1995.
Therefore, after 16 years, the price change is zero.
In the long run, corrugated cardboard producers cannot afford sustained losses, so the imbalance between supply and demand must be corrected.
In the end, the price has to inevitably return to the place where the price is higher than the total cost.
This can be done in a rationalized way, in which case large companies merge and remove additional capacity or because the company fails.
Check the corrugated packaging industry in today\'s market, both of which are possible & continue to happen throughout the year.
With the rise in 2009, from the point of view of supply and demand, the UK board paper market was more or less balanced at the end of 2009, and then reached 2010.
However, this situation changed quickly due to the tightening of raw material supply, which has been pushing up the price of finished corrugated cartons and cartons.
Now, mainly due to the reduction in the amount of waste from countries such as Japan and the increase in demand in countries such as Germany, the cost of making paper and cardboard is rising.
In addition to this, global demand is growing and the cost of oil, starch and wood is rising, all of which leads to a much higher price for the final product.
As a result, paper and cardboard manufacturers are now firmly in control & just pushing any increase in the chain further to corrugated cartons and carton converters.
Consumers will then have to accept this, which further inflates the inflation crisis.
Despite these increases & in fact, the cost of corrugated cartons is now 30% higher than the average 12 months ago, corrugated cardboard is still the highest cost-
The effective type of packaging media compared to other alternatives.
The ripple is very light and easy to handle, with great potential in packaging design.
Corrugated cartons are ideal containers for transporting goods through domestic and foreign express delivery systems & a wide range of grades ensures a solution for each application.
With the right design, a lot of waste and materials can be saved.
Corrugated Board is a natural 100% biodegradable material that is very easy to print.
While it is expected that prices of 2011 and higher will rise further, corrugated boxes remain the preferred packaging solution for most consumers & this will undoubtedly continue for the foreseeable future.
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