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Pretty Journals for Writing, Reflecting and Expressing

by:Dezheng     2020-04-08
I have always enjoyed writing in a diary that can be used for many different purposes.
I usually go more than once and have filled dozens of times in a year.
Buying a new magazine is an exciting thing for me.
I like to check the cover, feel the page in my hand and imagine my thoughts being written on a clean page.
Diary writing is a kind of writing that you don\'t share with others ---
It helps you find yourself and others.
As a teenage girl, my diary often feels the burden of my recent crush and the deepest disappointment.
As a teacher, I shared my love for journals with my class and usually bought each of them a journal at the beginning of the year: a place where they can write freely and express themselves regularly.
Magazines, notebooks, magazines-
What do you want to call them? -
Can be used for various purposes.
Put one in your wallet, write down the idea of the gift, record a special activity, record your food and exercise.
They are also a great place to capture the impression of your life.
Many women like to write Thanksgiving diaries and others like to record their prayers and answers in beautiful notebooks.
For this article, I would like to share with you some of the best magazines I have found for women.
These are the diaries of American girls: delicious little books for your most precious ideas or the most meaningful graffiti.
These are good logs. -
It is very sweet to write, and I am very happy to see it. Enjoy!
Leather magazines have had several leather magazines over the years and I really appreciate them.
The leather bound book feels soft and comfortable to write.
The leather looks attractive.
A leather book reminds you of elegance and substance.
This material is very strong and may be used for a long time.
I really enjoyed the leather magazine I showed here.
Eccolo leather magazine: Eccolo makes several beautiful leather magazines.
These are all of the same sturdy construction but have different designs and colors.
The 256-heavy inventory page is made of acidfree paper.
These diaries are very attractive and easy to carry in your wallet or bag.
At 5 \"x 7\" or 6 \"x 8\", these journals are not used to write articles, but they are well suited to write down ideas, some poetic lines, or anything that is relatively short.
For less than $20, these will be cute gifts for your favorite women or good gifts for yourself.
Italian leather magazine.
This is a more upscale product line and also creates a journal.
These books are heavy, with very thick gorgeous covers sewn by hand.
If you are a fan of old books, these books are romantic and oldfashioned look.
A wonderful feature of these products is that the notebook can be replaced when you have finished filling out the page.
Please note that the leather is not genuine leather but still very beautiful.
The price of Italian journals is about $30 and they will make a lovely gift for people who like old thingsOld-fashioned touch.
Do you remember the boy you liked in your diary, but was afraid that someone would find it?
The traditional image of the diary is locked with the keys, and all the secrets of the author are kept secret.
Therefore, journals with magnetic closure maintain this tradition.
Magnetic closure is also good as it prevents the page from being spilled or crumpled.
Peter Pauper Press has produced some very beautiful notebooks with magnetic properties insideclosure.
These little books are so sweet that they really look like diaries of our girlhood.
They are beautiful and they cost less than $15. they are not a big investment.
The only note for this product is that when certain types of pens are used, bleeding tends to occur.
Punch Studio has a very fresh, modern feel for their products.
They made two journals with magnetic closure, all with gorgeous, bold graphics.
These books are a little thicker than some others with 100 pages.
A few years ago, the concept of a prayer diary was introduced.
The idea is to write down your prayers and date them, and then write down the date on which your prayers are answered.
This is an effective way to increase your confidence and see how God works.
Any notebook can be used as a prayer log, but I have chosen some beautiful logs specially made to keep track of your prayers.
The structured prayer log is designed for your prayer.
These journals include some guidance from the author on who to pray for, and the organizer keeping order.
These diaries are a great choice for those who are looking for ideas to build a prayer life.
See if these structures are suitable for you and for your walk.
The blank prayer log is the one with inspirational verses on the cover but no inner structure to help you pray.
Although any log can track your prayers well, a lovely verse or prayer quote will inspire you when you pick up the book, it is a good reminder of the purpose of this book.
A few years ago, a colleague introduced me to the idea of a Thanksgiving diary, who had a difficult time in her marriage.
\"But I always remind myself of what I have to thank,\" she told me . \".
Gratitude log is the book you write every day. it is something you are grateful.
Practicing gratitude every day is good for your health and good health. being.
Gratitude helps us cope with life and make the most of what we get.
I chose some of the most beautiful gratitude logs for your viewing fun.
Any notebook can be used as a Thanksgiving diary, but these notebooks are designed to provide some structure for your journey of cultivating gratitude.
Finally, I will show more of the most beautiful journals I have found.
These are the books I want to receive as gifts and I will be proud of them as gifts.
Whether you\'re looking to buy yourself a new diary or as a lovely gift, it\'s great to know that there are many more options besides boring doodles!
With so many beautiful choices, the hardest part is to decide which one you like best.
Whatever book you choose, I encourage you to write it.
Logs can be a source of joy: they are the places in the world that belong to you and can be used as you like.
Just like I bought my students their own little logs, I want everyone to have their own beautiful places to write, pray, record, Express, reflect. Enjoy!
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