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plastic bags get a bad wrap

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
Five this year, Los Angeles became the largest supermarket in the United States to ban the use of plastic bags.
The bags will be phased out in 7,500 stores over the next year, which environmental activists claim is a major victory.
Care about this planet?
It is a strange society to ban carrying luggage before guns.
Some basic facts are as follows: as we can recycle plastic bags, less than 1% of them become rubbish.
Australian Government research shows that only 2% of the annual spending on garbage disposal is caused by plastic bags.
Only 0 points in Ireland
3% of the waste was found to be plastic bags.
In the landfill, the biggest problem is not plastic, but paper, mainly newspapers, then Wood, mainly demolition, and then concrete.
Landfill operators welcome plastic bags as they can be burned, bundled and recycled.
Plastic is recyclable.
It can easily melt at a lower heat and cost, and make plastic fence columns through the extruder.
Floating bags do not kill marine mammals.
The main culprit in the ocean is fishing gear, ropes and strapping-these are all made of other plastic, by the way.
Most whales, dolphins and seals are too big to be caught in shopping bags.
Plastic bags are biodegradable.
Polyethylene melts at 80 °c, but the glass must be heated to °c for recovery. In the sea;
The Sun, the waves and the wind will eventually break down the plastic.
Glass recycles as much energy as it does in manufacturing.
Plastic uses less energy than 100x in manufacturing.
Plastic bags are generally considered a courtesy in retail
So cheap that suppliers send them away in the street market where the cost is less than 10c. How cheap?
The supermarket owner spends a penny per bag.
For 10c per bag, the store will receive a 40000% increase. Which stores?
All Pac \'n Save and warehouse stores in New Zealand now charge for plastic bags.
There is no reason not to allow customers to voluntarily pay for bags, and of course, often lies, except that they do not do so at all --
The Green Party, touted as \"The public pays attention to the environment.
It takes only one oil head to make a bag, and 1300 bags can be made with a teaspoon of oil;
Shopping every day for 3 days. 5 years.
A Coke bottle of 600 ml, weighing 30-
50 plastic bags but no one seems to ask for softness
Drinking containers are prohibited.
A cup of oil can make a disposable diaper or 150,000 plastic bags.
Before your discarded bag is equivalent to a diaper on a landfill, you have to shop for 400.
The greenhouse gas emitted when making paper bags is 5 times that of producing plastic bags.
Paper bags are 7 times the volume of transport fuel, the number of trucks transporting fuel is 7 times that of transport fuel, and the emissions are 7 times that of transport fuel.
Paper bags run out of trees and loose shelves after one use.
The industry is dirty because the paper is quickly rotten and will fuel mice.
The development of plastic bags is no accident.
Hygienic, convenient and sturdy.
The plastic wrap is healthy because it retains juice and prevents meat contamination.
If plastic seals are banned, who will face the increased medical costs of salmonella?
Every supermarket item from meat and cheese to every cucumber is covered today with protective plastic.
Almost all liquids are sealed with plastic boxes.
We even pay for these with plastic banknotes and credit cards.
It\'s hard to see non-
The use of the last bag at checkout will weaken the widespread use of this surprisingly useful material.
There are also calls for a ban on plastic bags in New Zealand, but this hysteria is illogical.
If the problem is dealing with the problem then let\'s improve and increase the garbage collection.
Economic incentives for people to recycle.
But many suburbs of New Zealand still allow only one small trash can or one garbage bag.
Bring back the refund system for bottles and bags.
When abandoned bottles take 4 p for small bottles and 8 p for large bottles, you have never seen them in the sink.
Introduce vending machines for shampoo and beverage supplements.
Manufacturers can reduce the secondary packaging around the packaging.
In a damp place like Auckland, paper bags are not an option.
When you get to your car in the supermarket carpark your rain-
The soaked bag will break down and overflow the contents.
If we reduce the cost of fuel to increase productivity, we will not lack work. It is over-
Regulation and ecology
Licensing requirements to curb economic growth.
Plastic is the real miracle of our time.
Without it, there would be no medical progress, no space exploration, no air travel.
Progress will die in the water.
It is impossible to have no home appliances, ipod or laptop.
Supermarkets will no longer exist because almost everything is in the form of plastic packaging and can be stored in hygiene.
Green activists are surprisingly quiet on important issues such as poverty and health.
None of the children died because they had a bag, but when the cost of food and living went up, many children died.
Caring for the environment is a big problem at present. phrase.
It replaces caring for others.
Plastic bags will not break down if you are worried about carbon dioxide, so plastic bags are carbon sinks.
In fact, none of the sinks are better than plastic bags because the carbon will be locked for years before the bags are destroyed.
Environmental activists may tell us what they really want.
If the creation of carbon sinks shows that we care about the Earth, then we should use more plastic.
Banning plastic bags means we need more paper to cause more pollution, but their call is that pollution will change the climate.
I think we can do it without the Green Party and their chaotic logic. .
But not plastic.
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