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pensioner uses photos to help wife who has dementia

by:Dezheng     2020-04-01
A loyal pensioner is using a photo album to help his wife with dementia recall their lives together-as in the movie notebook. James Dargan (76)
From Harford County, England, when his teenage lover Judy (74)
Was diagnosed with dementia three years ago.
After getting married in 1965, James was determined not to give up his wife and she began to forget the 53 years they had been together.
Now, despite the rapid development of the disease, James uses their photo albums every day to help Judy remember the memories they share.
They compared the characters in the 2004 film notebook, in which James Garner and Ginna roanz played an elderly couple recalling their wife
\"I was told that our story is similar to the movie laptop, but I just wanted to play the biggest part in bad situations,\" James said . \".
He was very concerned about Judy at home and even learned how to do his wife\'s work --up and hair.
James said Judy laughed when she saw the pictures on the album.
\"She smiles when she looks at the photos, but I don\'t think the photos will evoke memories for a long time.
\"Browsing our photos is one of my favorite things to do because it reminds me of the wonderful life we have together,\" he added . \".
The first time they met was when Judy was 14, but they didn\'t meet again until she was 18 and got married two years later.
James and Judy then gave birth to two sons.
\"It\'s hard to watch dementia take over Judy\'s life because she used to be such a loving and loving woman.
I will never give up my wife.
I take care of her at home and when I am healthy enough I will be all of her --
\"Time administrator,\" James said.
\"I don\'t think I have done anything unusual.
Judy took care of me for over 50 years, but now it\'s my turn to take care of her.
\"James spent most of his time using their album to help Judy and often talked to her at every stage of their lives so she could understand.
\"She doesn\'t remember our life, it breaks my heart, but I do my best to help her remember.
\"The albums are great because I organized them so they show the timeline of Judy\'s life,\" he added . \".
After Judy lost her ability to make it --
James looked up, looked at her, and held things in his own hands.
\"I teach myself how to do Judy\'s work --up and hair.
I don\'t need much time as long as I stay natural, but I make sure she always looks the best.
\"I also have to bathe Judy, feed her food, dress her up, and I help her go to bed every night.
\"She gives her hair and nails a little indulgence every week.
\"Judy used to be a hairdresser and model, so her appearance has always meant a lot to her and that\'s why I\'m still working hard for her now,\" he said . \".
James refused to place Judy in a nursing home because he thought no one could take care of her like he did.
\"I take care of Judy 24/7 and while some people think it\'s stressful, that\'s not the case.
Judy was very happy at home and I didn\'t want to leave her either, \"James said.
\"I hope our story shows how strong our love for each other is.
For me, she represents the world. we had such a wonderful life together.
\"She would do the same for me if she could.
Judy takes great care of her parents when she is old.
\"Even though our life is so different now, it still makes me very happy to be with Judy.
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