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paper or plastic whatâx80x99s your choice now?

by:Dezheng     2020-06-23
With increasing attention to Mother Earth, they launched a campaign to ban plastic bags around the world.
The use of plastic is prohibited, resulting in the use of paper products.
Paper bags are being offered by retailers and shops instead of plastic bags.
The only answer to why the paper bag is that it is biodegradable, that is, it is easily degraded without causing any damage.
Just choose the plastic bag and paper bag in the grocery store, we are going to bring the plastic bag, because it is easy to carry, especially in monsoon season, so the shopping will not be in vain due to the tearing of the paper bag.
But in conscience, for the sake of a greener world, we may automatically move closer to paper. Wait a second;
Let\'s get the facts straight first.
In the process of making different aspects, we may realize that the plastic bags made now are more eco-friendly.
First amount of water (
The most important natural resources)
The water used to make paper bags is 17 times the water used in plastic bags.
Oil is the second (
Highly required, low availability)
It is used to make 3 paper bags of 1000.
67 lbs, and only 1 lb for 1000 plastic bags. 62 lbs.
The next major problem is increasing pollution;
According to the facts, the air emissions caused by paper bags are 3.
225 pounds of solid, and only 1 pound plastic bag.
62 pounds of solid.
Finally, the most important thing is recyclability, and the shocking fact is that paper is not infinitely recyclable, while plastic bags are infinitely recyclable.
Energy required to make paper bags 2.
7 times more than plastic bags.
Greenhouse gas emissions through paper bags are 1.
6 times more than plastic bags.
With these facts and knowledge of paper and plastic bags, it is clear that it is better to use new technologies and develop plastic bags.
We long to build
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Essential for retail packaging industrial supplies, health and beauty products, household products, nutritional supplements, retail and pet food.
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