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paper bags as fashion statements

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
By kaori shojiaug. 17, 2009TOKYO —
In a city once known as the Asian fashion center, this storetill-you-
Today, drop\'s lifestyle is not only outdated, it is also the object of ridicule.
The example of excessive consumption is no longer a sigh of envy;
They are now the guide to laughter.
A 33 earlier this year-year-
The old woman packed her studio with designer shoes, bags and clothes so that she could not find the front door and summoned a TV crew (
Hold a crowbar)
When the whole process was broadcast on the variety show, she struggled out of the choking luxury.
Still, the Tokyo girl insists on having a good time, as evidenced by the trend of replacing backpacks and briefcases with paper shopping bags.
Not just any bags, but bags marked with brand logos --
The more upscale or optimistic the better.
Most recently, in Japan, where a famous teenager stom has feet, 17-year-old Nogami is in front of a bulky Prada shopping bag.
Inside is her school uniform, a plastic can with a vitamin drink and her lunch box.
\"It used to be my sister,\" Ayaka said . \".
\"But it\'s a bit expensive, so she made me buy it for 300 yen,\" or about $3. 20.
AD ayaka also owns a shopping bag from Cecil McBee, a popular brand of girls whose flagship store is located in Shibuya\'s famous 109 building.
Two months ago, when she bought a dress and a pair of black summer tights, she bought the bag, the money she earned while working in a nearby convenience store.
Ayaka said the ad \"this is the bag that my boyfriend and I saved during our weekend date\" and added that she ironed the bag every time she went out --
To avoid burning the logo, flip it back.
Then she folded it up.
\"Shopping is a special occasion for me,\" she said . \"
\"This bag will remind me of how I felt and the whole experience that day when I bought this dress.
\"The past is not new.
In the early 1980 s, teenagers carried school supplies and sporting goods in branded shopping bags, mainly to promote their social status (
Show they can afford these boutiques).
Now, the meaning behind the newspaper
The bag syndrome is more subtle, with a stingy romantic color.
Adults and teenagers walk around with them in part to immerse themselves in the memory of shopping (splurging)
Part of the reason is \"ecology
The trend of \"package\" has already started.
\"I really don\'t like to carry eco-
\"Bao,\" said Asami Harada, 24, who works in a bookstore in Shibuya.
\"I care about the environment and all this, but I\'m not interested in taking myself up to nature --lover. ”Ms.
Harada also carried a Cecil mcby paper bag, inside was her make-up box, a pack of cigarettes, a paperback reading on the train, a magazine, a small towel, a bottle of water and a box of chocolate.
She put the train pass, wallet, cell phone and handkerchief in a smaller backpack and said \"this is the way women use their luggage --
Valuables are placed in the right bag, and other things are placed in paper bags.
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Dividing her belongings into two different camps is typical of Tokyo women.
Many women go shopping with another paper shopping bag.
From sneakers to radishes to soy milk-
It is important to refuse to provide a plastic bag and casually take out a boutique shopping bag.
Autumn leaves of paddy field, part
The age waitress in her 20 s said: \"I think most women have their own private paper bag grades.
What is really good is to store personal items, what is common is to store groceries, what is lovely is to pack as a gift, etc.
\"Paper bags actually make up a market and auction a big bag on the Internet for up to 2,000 yen
Size of Louis Vuitton paper bags.
A shopping bag from Cecil mcby, his eyes
Eye-catching signs are usually decorated in gold
The price is as high as $800.
No wonder Tokyo\'s closets are still in a mess despite the recession --
Prada and Mark Jacobs have fewer skirts than their paper packaging.
If you can\'t afford it, the best approximation seems to be the memory of doing it, and even pretending to do it if you can\'t do it.
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