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no 5p charge exemption for biodegradable plastic bags

by:Dezheng     2020-06-25
Plan to waive the new 5 p fee for biodegradable plastic bags
Effective October 2015 in the UK-
It\'s all gone.
Earlier, consumers were confused about concerns that the plastic recycling process would be contaminated.
But customers in small stores can still pay no 5 p.
The government has rejected a request from the Environmental Audit Committee to include all retailers --
Not just supermarkets and big storesin it.
The commission warned that this would disconnect England from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where all plastic bags are included or will be included in the charge plan. The cross-
Members of Congress said allowing so many retailers to evade fees would limit the environmental benefits of the policy.
Joan Wally, chairman of the environmental audit committee and Labor MP, said: \"The postage charge for 5 p is the right solution --
It will reduce waste, reduce carbon emissions and waste.
\"Despite the recommendation made by our committee, the government has decided not to fully apply this fee but to continue to implement its proposed exemption.
\"It is possible to dilute the benefits of the charge.
The decision to include only large retailers is particularly short --
All major small retailer organizations have a vision and ignore the call to include it in the program.
But she added that she was \"happy\" that the government agreed to give up the exemption for biodegradable plastic bags, after concerns about the risk of contamination in plastic recycling and the confusing information that shoppers might receive.
In response to the committee\'s report
The above-mentioned manufacturer has not yet come up with a biodegradable bag that can be easily identified and separated during the recycling process, and \"does not know that this plastic bag currently exists \".
Paper bags used by some high street retailers will be exempt from charges in the UK --
Unlike the rest of the UK, this has drawn criticism from the Commission.
The government said paper bags accounted for less than 0.
Seven major supermarkets distribute 1% of shopping bags in the UK.
But the committee said the Ministry of Environmental and Rural Affairs did not provide data on the use of paper bags by other retailers, such as commercial street stores.
\"As a result, shoppers may face having to pay for bags in some stores, but not in other stores, depending on which material is used,\" the environmental audit committee said . \".
The government said some trade institutions opposed the inclusion of small retailers in fees.
But the committee found support from leading retail organizations such as the Convenience Store Association, the National Retail News agency federation and the British Retail Federation.
Ms. Walley said: \"The government should consider again the exemption for small businesses.
The government simply says that some trade institutions are opposed.
The government should tell us which trading institutions are opposed so that we can see exactly what the evidence says to ourselves.
For the sake of Labor, the shadow environment minister, Maria Eagle, claimed that the whole plan had been delayed because the environment minister, Owen Paterson, wanted to exempt the biodegradable bags, \"although scientists said it was a flawed policy, recycling Industry \".
She described the planned change as \"an embarrassing U-
He said the decision to exempt some retailers \"undermined the plan \".
With the support of organizations including keeping the UK clean, the Marine Conservation Association, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and surfers from sewage, the campaign to break the habit of bags criticized the lack of paper bags.
Activists say the move ignores evidence that fast food retailers use paper bags in their products, one of the most common junk foods.
Samantha Harding, on behalf of the campaign to break the pack habits, said: \"The government\'s commitment to implementing a plan rashly in the event that all professional advice is inconsistent is confusing and frustrating.
\"We are eager to include paper bags and small retailers in the program.
\"The government expects that the cost of plastic bags will raise about 70 pounds for charities, and stores will donate directly.
The EAC hopes to use the £ 19 million increase in value-added tax also for environmental public welfare.
Wales imposed a 5 p fee on plastic bags in October 2011, resulting in a significant reduction in the use of plastic bags.
Northern Ireland followed suit in April 2013, and Scotland will launch a plan in October --
None of these plans exempt small retailers.
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