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let\'s get to the bottom of paper bags

by:Dezheng     2020-06-26
It\'s time to think about paper bags.
The brown plain you bring your groceries home.
If you think those glossy designer types with paper rope handles are paper bags or white bags with oranges, flowers or balloons printed on them, or children\'s lunch sold in the store is packed in brown paper bags and walked away;
They are true depravity, symbolizing how prosperity, luxury, and status have poisoned our Vanguard blood.
However, I don\'t want to explore the social significance of paper bags in depth.
Let\'s leave it to another time and focus our attention on the grocery brown paper bag, especially the bottom.
Bottom of brown paper bag--what?
You ask me how to solve such a problem, in fact, all the strange, distant
The edge of life I write from time to time?
Is it possible in my brain?
Well, yes.
Except for an occasional Stringer (
I like to call them this way, don\'t you think it\'s perfect for stripes? )
It can be said that one of my stringed instruments will attract my attention.
Margaret Fay, my South Pasadena Stringer, who did this the other night, came to my house with a couple of brown paper bags and her usual shop full of political supplies --
Save the news.
\"Look,\" she said, \"Have you read the bottom of the paper bag?
\"I don\'t, in fact.
I put the idea aside with the paper bag for future consideration.
Less than a week later, I sent her an intermittent surprise pack at stringer Iris Bell in New York with newspaper clippings, textures, bits and pieces. (
To explain the width of Iris Bell --
Broad interest.
Just say she\'s improved (lovingly)
Liverworth told me, \"my moss grows well on the shelf. \")
Accompanied by an article about the cherry blossom picnic at nannagi Temple, A small piece of brown in addition to the edible beautiful handmade Italian, French and Japanese newspapers and the \"special rainbow color\" paper clip-
\"There are good fibers in this paper bag.
\"And yes.
I realize it\'s time to discuss these issues, at least at the bottom of them. (
An article cannot cover the entire finished shape of a paper bag. )
Bring your brown paper bags and look at the bottom of them.
These things are obviously made by people.
Here, from Von\'s, is a Trojan horse Kraft, No.
770 paper bag red-
William J.
\"This is a Townsend Street.
12 bearing, also red, at the bottom of it, \"Steve Mack.
\"A small bag, a No.
In addition to the symbol of a pine tree, what has no name is the imprint of loerli.
From Safeway, I have GP 1210A made by David L. Morford.
Now we are at a higher level. -
Princeton paper bags.
They are out of date, all with the slogan \"pride of the best people.
\"They are not carefully made, nor have they been personally inspected. Here is a No. 420, Nov.
1985, personally inspected by Vidal. An earlier No. 8 (Sept. 10, 1985)
Has been personally checked by Renaldo Brown.
Larger, but earlier (July 10, 1985)is a No.
735. Carlos mutt inspected it in person.
In addition, 420,10 months.
1985 is the PI \'d of Robert d. Bear.
Weight 800 s elegant bag from elegant Bristol Farm (
Print in green instead of red-
Green thistle, board, Diamond).
I have two since December.
In 85, Jim Wallace\'s two PI articles.
January recently
1986, PI \'d for Stephanie
Only Stephanie. no last name.
This is disappointing and very disappointing.
These years of feminist struggle, Stephanie is just one of the girls Stephanie.
For God\'s sake, Stephanie, from 1986.
Pick up the torch and rubber stamp and write your last name on it.
And, if you were one of us, you would take your own last name, not your husband\'s.
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