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Leather Notebook

by:Dezheng     2020-04-14
Hello :)
I always wanted a leather notebook but each time I found one they were either not what I wanted or too expensive.
So I decided to do it myself.
I am very satisfied with the finished product.
I have been working with leather before so I have the most basic working tools for leather. -
A sharp knife.
Leather needleAwl-Metal ruler-Rotary punch -Cutting mat-Plastic hammer-
Thin leather furniture (Color selected)-Waxed thread-
Small cheap notebook (with semi-hard cover)
The first thing I did was measure the lid on the notebook.
I used to make models for large pieces of leather covering the entire outside of the notebook.
On a short side of the rectangle, I added my design for the closed/covered flap of the laptop.
On the other side, I added the wallet that was used to secure one side of the cover of The Notebook.
On the longer sides, I added 0, mm for the seam allowance.
When the model is finished, the only thing to do is to track the pattern on the leather and cut it.
To secure the notebook cover, I had to cut another piece of leather the same size as my pocket.
Last but not least, I had to cut a long leather strap for turning off my laptop.
The next step is to glue the seams where they should be.
The pocket that holds the cover of The Notebook is folded and glued to the appropriate position, and the second pocket is also properly placed and glued together.
After marking my seam allowance, I mark where the seam hole must be with a rotary punch.
I then use the awl to make the holes marked by the Rotary punch.
When sewing, I use the saddle stitch technique, which means sewing one at each end of the line with two needles.
I only have waxed linens made with 4 threads, but I think this is too thick for my project.
But luckily, I was able to separate the strings so that I could create a thread that consists of two strings and I think it would look better in my project.
I have to tie the tape after the sewing is done.
I made a small cut on the front flap where the strap should be attached.
Then I put the strap through the hole and fixed the end with a crochet to fold several times.
Then the only thing left is to put the notebook in the leather case, tie the strap, and look, it\'s a leather notebook that looks cool.
When all the space on the notebook is used up, you can remove the leather case, buy a new notebook and cover the lid. Cool right ?
This is everything now.
This is my first tutorial and hopefully it\'s rich enough.
I always forget to take pictures as my project progresses: PThank you read.
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