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how to make environment friendly kraft paper

by:Dezheng     2020-06-16
Although the use of paper is being minimized, its use cannot be completely closed.
So, do not use the paper that makes the problem in the environment.
Make high quality paper using completely bleached kraft pulp.
The type and nature of things that ordinary people use in their daily lives cause global warming to have an increasing impact.
Although the use of paper is being minimized, its use cannot be completely closed.
So why not choose eco-friendly paper instead of using paper that creates problems in the environment, which will only help people live a hygienic and clean life, it will also help everyone take a step forward in minimizing the adverse effects of wrong material practices.
Program Design 1)
Cooking: wood chips removed from harvested trees after Collection are fed to equipment called biogas digesters.
Then, dip these pieces of wood with a cooking wine that may be black or white wine.
This digestion process takes a long time, as well at a very high temperature of about 130 to 180 degrees Celsius.
This maintained environment degrade wood and semi-cellulose into fragments that can be easily mixed with strong alkaline liquids.
This process produces a hard thick brown pulp, which is cleaned by washing after collecting the pulp.
The pro-nuclear key is destroyed during cooking. 2)
Recycling or enrichment: during this process, black liquor containing 20-30% solids will be concentrated.
However, it may be concentrated to 80% in order to give a larger residual value.
A further reaction to some sodium salts through a complete method can lead to the formation of green liquid.
The equipment used in this process is a large boiler for the production of steam, in the advanced Kraft paper production, which is a rich steam resource for the production of electricity. 3)
Blowing: The wood pieces processed by air blowing in a decompression atmosphere.
This process again releases a lot of energy in the form of steam, which can be generated by guiding them to run turbines, which also relieves many volatile and vaporable materials, these materials may or may not condense, depending on the different areas. 4)
Separation/screening: during this process, the brown pulp originally produced is screened out from the dirt and a clean kraft pulp is obtained.
This is done with the help of a series of sieve, using centrifugal force as a form of separation. 5)
Cleaning: during this process, the Kraft pulp obtained is cleaned by various equipment.
This kraft pulp goes through various cleaning procedures.
The types of devices used can be named according to their clear mode.
The equipment can be designed to use atmospheric pressure;
Vacuum and more designs are available. 6)
Bleaching: the obtained kraft pulp is then bleached to use a variety of chemicals to gain brilliance and fairness in the pulp.
Make high quality paper using completely bleached kraft pulp.
Kraft paper made using this process is eco-friendly because it has a greater strength compared to other kinds of paper.
Its own by-product can also be used as an energy supply, and it provides many other residues, such as pine oil and many other products that can be reworked.
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