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how to make a spiral notebook

by:Dezheng     2020-04-15
When you have a spiral binding machine, creating your own spiral notebook is an easy task, which may be found at an office supplies retailer near you.
You can buy spirals separately in many printing and copying shops and office supplies, or use spiral binding services.
Coil binding machine 1/4-
The inch line coils2 card 16 pieces of inlining paper without holes set the screw binding machine on a flat surface.
Make sure the surface is stable enough to compensate for the pressure on the screw binding machine handle.
Stack the two cards together.
Insert the card holder into the punch of the screw binding machine.
Make sure the paper is aligned on all edges.
Press down the handle and pressure of the screw binding machine
Remove the paper and put it aside.
Be careful not to separate the paper.
Collect 16 scribing sheets of paper together and make sure all edges are neatly arranged.
Insert the lining paper into the punching hole of the screw binding machine.
Check again whether the paper is evenly arranged.
Apply pressure to the handle of the screw binding machine and press down until all paper is punched.
Remove the paper from the machine and leave it. Place a 3 1/4-
Into the inch metal coil of the spiral strapping machine.
Make sure the coil is evenly set in the guide rail.
Fix the coil in place and pull the lever until the spiral is separated.
Please proceed) in the form of progress, it is in the process of \"some works\"
A stack of paper should be like a spiral notebook without binding.
Gently a piece of paper on the surface of a flat bottom
Make sure all the holes on the paper are arranged neatly.
Insert the coil into the hole on the paper pile.
Make sure each hole has an inserted coil.
Will Proceed
Remove the completed spiral notebook from the machine.
Do not overload the coil, otherwise the paper may tear.
Remember to check the clock-in specifications recommended by the machine.
Always check carefully whether the paper is evenly arranged.
Decorate the front of the notebook with a scrapbook sticker or mark.
When in use, keep your fingers away from the punch.
Do not stick foreign matter in the punched area.
When the project is completed, always put the comb strapping machine in a safe place.
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