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holiday gift bags vs. wrapping paper

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
Everyone has their holiday troubles.
Whether it is the lack of \"Christ for Christmas\", continuous shopping or almost no
The inevitable 5 pounds we all have.
What I like most is the holiday package.
They just feel crappy.
Let\'s face it. They are lame.
They should come with a required gift box: \"So, yes, I bought you a gift.
I didn\'t want to spend 4 minutes wrapping it up so I just threw it in this shopping bag with a paper towel.
Oh yes, I probably got it from someone else last week. Happy Holidays!
\"When we switched from a wrapped gift to a gift bag, I tried to recall that I just couldn\'t remember.
Thankfully, I definitely don\'t remember taking out the toys from the shopping bags under the tree when I was a child.
I will not tell you that I have never done it.
But, I pack in most cases.
When you give someone a gift, it\'s usually because it\'s a special occasion like a holiday.
You can wrap a box in a brown paper bag and make a red bow on it, which looks great.
You can go and buy household items or look for a designer
A few dollars of caliber wrapping paper looks beautiful!
The possibilities are endless. It doesn\'t need a tricky set of skills.
I have been going to Bergdorf Goodman\'s for Christmas since I was around 11.
I will buy a book, decorations or some trinkets with my nanny money.
Then I will buy a gift.
Packing department, pack it in that signed silver box and go home.
Sometimes I keep gifts for myself.
The point is, I do this because it\'s special.
It\'s less than $20, but it\'s okay.
Gift bags can never evoke the magical feeling of a child. -
Or an adult. Think about it.
You don\'t need to live near Bergdorf or spend a lot of money.
In the era of Pinterest and Google, if there is no \"style expert\" like me to guide you, let\'s not pretend that you are not \"creative\" enough to solve this problem.
You can do that.
My purpose is not to insult anyone (or everyone)
I just think we can be easier than that (and it shows)gift bag.
Unless you are the leader of the free world, you have a few minutes to pack the gift.
I assure you that the person receiving the goods will notice.
If you are lucky enough to see their faces as they tear apart the gifts, you will experience some joy.
Oh, wait, isn\'t this the whole thing from the beginning?
The joy of the world!
Would you please go and buy some wrapping paper?
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