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demand for cloth and paper bags shoots up, supply worries remain | nagpur news - times of india

by:Dezheng     2020-06-20
NAGPUR: The state government bans plastic handbags, plastic cups, plates, spoons and flex, which may have hit manufacturers of these products in the city, but it creates huge opportunities for fabric and paper bag manufacturers.
We see a sudden rise in demand and our business will grow by 100% if the ban is properly implemented, says Chhavikala Mendhe, who is one of the self-members
The Help Group from Ravi Nagar is engaged in bag making.
The Bharati Bhalerao of the sewn bag saw an increase in the number of queries, but most of them did not translate into orders.
Bhalerao, a partner of the self
Help group says most retailers are less confident the ban will continue.
They place orders for very small numbers like 50-
She said 100 bags, only for a week or so.
Meanwhile, shopkeepers are looking for manufacturers who can supply large quantities of paper bags as early as possible.
Puspha Gadre of the dahantory NGO Apang Seva Niketan said the demand for paper bags and cloth bags has increased in many ways.
The medical store had been replaced with paper bags a few months ago.
As for grocery stores, only a small number of traders were making temporary inquiries until the ban was announced last week.
Now demand has increased, she said, and cited many examples of orders placed in the Super bazaars.
Anasuya Kale, president of the Swachh Association-
The market is looking for a lot of demand, says Chhabrani.
Only large retailers are willing to buy the bags, according to the size and quality, and the price per piece is between Rs10 and Rs40, she said.
The association received a lot of calls from super markets and bakeries asking for cloth and paper bags for takeout.
But she did not hear from the citizens that the ban would not succeed unless the citizens came forward.
City President Leena Budhe-
NGOs based in the Centre for Sustainable Development believe that the ban on plastic handbags will be more effective if consumers are targeted rather than suppliers.
She and her fellow volunteers are trying to educate buyers and suppliers about the economic and environmental benefits of using cloth bags.
She said that small vendors who have already been burdened with buying items for sale should not take on the extra task of finding bio-bags that are more expensive than plastic bags.
Vendors, traders and grocery store owners complain that there is no choice.
The grocery store owner says most of their customers still want a plastic tote bag.
They also pointed out that the existing paper bags are not strong enough to accommodate a large number of groceries.
Avi Agrawal of Purushottam Super Bazar said that our store has started using eco-friendly bags.
However, he said that we are facing difficulties in purchasing cloth and paper bag inventory because there are no bulk suppliers in the region.
Nagpur, a spokesman for Haldiram food International Limited, said they also started looking for alternatives to plastic bags.
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