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beneath brown bags, saints had loyal fans

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
By GREG bisoft Feb.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2010—
Before Buddy delipoto appeared, brown paper bags took groceries and became an art project, or covered the Led Zeppelin album \"In\" through the door \".
\"Diliberto produced another use: like those who followed his New Orleans Saints team, decorate the headgear for the suffering sports fans.
Diliberto died in 2005, when the Saints had not yet entered the Super Bowl, and thousands of people marched in New Orleans wearing skirts to fulfill his promise.
When the Saints go to history, Diliberto is still responsible for a part of it, because this bag symbolizes the Saints and their long and tragic existence.
\"We used to laugh about it,\" said Mike delipoto, a son of Buddy . \".
\"For example, see how you started.
Fans all over the world are imitating your antics.
Diliberto will also laugh because of the turning point of fate.
In 1980, he drew on the unknown cartoon. During the \"Gong Show\", he wore a brown paper bag on the stage and came up with the idea of the bag.
\"Diliberto and a bartender friend designed their version, decorated it with holiday lights, dug holes for the eyes, and scribbled \'Aints \'in front \'.
Since the establishment of the Saints, Diliberto has covered the team in one way or another.
He wrote a column for a local newspaper.
He\'s a public figure.
Address announcer
He mainly analyzes Saints on radio and television.
AdvertisementHe, stimulated by 8-8, entered the 1980 season with high expectations
The campaign of the previous year.
But as the loss increases
1, 2, then 14 straight, the idea was dashed, and finally, when doing a local broadcast before the match on Monday night, Diliberto stood under his chair and grabbed the bag, put it on his head. (
Because the light began to flash, he removed the light. )
This is not the first time that Saints are driving Diliberto to a funny show.
In the seasons leading up to Bao gag, he bet a friend of the Saints team wouldn\'t win three games, and when they did, he jumped into a hotel pool in the winter, dressed
But the bag got stuck.
Dozens or even hundreds of fans of the Saints began to wear bags.
They painted them in black and gold and decorated them with bag heads.
In football and other sports, fans who lost their team also turned grocery bags into fashion declarations.
But few people can compete with the history of the saints of delipoto.
Before this year, New Orleans won nine seasons in 42 games.
The Saints won four playoff games before the game.
From Archie Manning to Earl Campbell to Mike diteca, the Saints are defined as useless and failing and those brown paper bags.
Bill Baker was there from the beginning.
He worked as a caddie in the first season, then traveled to the airport, worked as an accountant, and became the general counsel for the Saints in 1976.
He knows all the characters, people like Doug Atkins, 6. foot-8, 275-
Pound defensive end.
At the time, Atkins was one of the highest ranked players in the league, and he took the gun, which increased his threat.
Beckham remembers the Saints flying to the local airport for the first time after their first season.
They set off all night from Portland, Oregon.
When they arrived, thousands of fans lined up on the nearest ramp.
Today\'s fans do exactly the same thing. The winning and losing season has tradition, and loyalty is passed from generation to generation.
The biggest fan of Saints in the Baker\'s family is his son, 22. year-
The old law student transformed the space in the garage of his home into his Saint room, filled with a frame, autographed Reggie Bush jersey and a Super Dome model.
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Becknell said: \"For people like me who live there, it is strange to hear that the names of the Saints are related to the Super Bowl . \" Becknell is still in New Orleans.
\"This does not seem to be true.
\"In this Super Bowl, there are several players who grew up in the state of Luis Anna and are avid Saints fans.
Reggie Wayne is a pick-up for the Indiana Porris pony team and a relaxed local. He said he was beating Eric Martin for the former Saints on Saturday night.
Wayne pointed out this week that he is still a fan of the Saints in any other week.
These bonds run so deep between the Saints and the cities they call home.
Wayne also said he had seen \"a lot of brown paper bags\" in his life \".
So is quarterback Peyton Manning.
His father, Archie, is 1-
This bag was born by the 15 saints.
Peyton once did it. on-
In a football match with brother Cooper on the Superdome, he watched his father sign after losing.
A lot of losses.
Every time the Saints fail, the uncle of the corner back Randall guy will return to his bedroom and lock the door.
His family used to joke that Uncle John Williams had shares in the Saints because he took the results seriously.
Guy says his uncle, who died two years ago, is one of the most passionate Saints fans in a family full of Saints fans.
His uncle hates picking up the newspaper on Monday morning, hates the new round of \"lost Saints\" headlines, hates the mind --
Wearing the mentality of all these bags.
\"If he saw this here, boy, he would be happy,\" Guy said . \".
\"The team is cleaning up their luggage.
\"It brought the Saints back to Diliberto, who promised before his death that if New Orleans were to attend the Super Bowl, he would wear a piece of clothing through the French Quarter.
In 2005, former quarterback Bobby Hubert took over from deliberto on the radio when the Saints worked overtime to beat the Minnesota Vikings to the United Nations. F. L.
Title game, military parade.
AdvertisementHebert is wearing a golden muumuu and a golden wig.
About 2,000 people joined him.
They wear T.
Shirts and earrings with pictures of Diliberto.
They wear underwear, summer clothes and fashionable evening dresses.
Mike dilipoto\'s daughter found a man wearing only one skirt, high heels and a saint\'s sign shaved off his hair on his chest.
The day of Diliberto\'s dream has arrived, in a season full of beauty, in a parade full of hairy beasts.
\"It feels like Buddy D is there,\" said Mike Diliberto . \".
\"This is certainly true in spirit.
Only a few fans were wearing bags during the parade.
The original version of the New Orleans aints paper bag mask was sold on eBay for $5 plus shipping.
But these Saints no longer need to wear headgear for fans who have lost their franchise.
Dress has improved.
A version of this article was printed on page B10 of The New York edition on February 5, 2010 with the title: history behind the brown bag.
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