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battle of the grocery bags: plastic versus paper

by:Dezheng     2020-06-11
Lisa belkinov
1984 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Choose a side -
Plastic or paper.
This is a story about the confrontation between the future and the past, familiarity and fashion, the taste of urban residents and suburban residents.
For those who care about these things,going tug-of-
The war between the manufacturers of paper grocery bags and plastic grocery bags is really serious.
\"People like old paper bags,\" said Peter . \".
Bunten, associate manager, Kraft and packaging paper division, American paper Institute.
\"Like the flag and apple pie and all the other clichés of red, white and blue, it\'s American.
Charles Jester, a chemical and plastic consultant at Arthur D. jester, said: \"This is progress, and with progress, some products are left behind . \"Little Inc.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
\"People are also loyal to paper bread bags and many other paper products that are replaced by plastic.
In nearly a century after Charles Stillwell\'s first invention in 1883, paper bags were the only bag to take home from the market.
But on 1979, four years before the bag\'s 100 birthday, a plastic version began to appear in supermarkets across the country, with some useful handles.
In 1982, they accounted for 5% of the grocery market.
According to Ronald schmeder, they currently account for 20%, and by 1988 they may account for 60 to 70% of all shopping bag shoppers taking home, marketing managers in the plastic grocery bags division at mobil Chemical.
\"In Australia, 100% of all grocery bags are made of plastic . \"
\"People can always hope for it,\" added sideder.
Supermarkets usually prefer plastic bags because they are cheaper.
The price of 1,000 paper bags is $30, and the price of the same quantity of plastic bags is $26 to $28.
At every d\' agosino supermarket
The clerk is instructed to use a plastic bag unless the customer asks for a paper bag-
According to Mary Moore, the chain\'s director of Consumer Affairs, there are 300,000 plastic bags packed in a week, and the chain has 14 units in 18 units in Manhattan.
Here, she says, is $4, there is $4, \"add up quickly.
\"Advertising plastic bags also have other advantages.
\"They have handles, and you can use them to take your child\'s bathing suits home from the beach, and they are perfect for dirty diapers,\" Frank Corbyn said . \", Community relations director, Manhattan Plastics Industry Association-
Headquartered in trade group.
However, people loyal to paper bags are fighting back.
\"We don\'t think this is the trend of the future,\" he said.
Bunten of the American Newspaper Association talked about his competitors.
\"That is to say, it means that it has an inherent advantage.
\"According to Mr. , there is only one paper bag that can be opened with a snap of the wrist, or stand on its own
Bunten and other supporters.
Placed under the sink, it becomes a trash can, cut and tape it as the cover of the book.
This is the 10 thousand holy day mask. without them, it is the hiding place of the kitten.
Last year, the institute hired a public relations company, Robert Marston, and associates, to spread these and other little-known information, such as \"you can put a paper bag on the ironing board, sprinkle salt on the iron, turn on the iron \"high\" and iron it off to clean the iron.
This year, Case & Company in Stamford, Connecticut.
A consulting firm was hired to conduct a study and concluded that plastic bags, while cheaper than paper, would take longer to pack and, in fact, 10% more expensive for stores to use.
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Although the report was commissioned by the American Newspaper Association, the results were fair. T.
Brown, director and senior partner of Case & Company.
He said: \"We only accept this project on the condition that we are free to disclose the results, and no matter what they are, they can\'t change a word.
The debate therefore continued, with each party attempting to match the other.
Paper bags are \"biodegradable\", he said \". Bunten.
He retorted that the plastic bag was \"used as a book bag, lunch bag and storage bag over and over again \". Jenest.
Paper bags are made of American products, he said. Bunten.
\"When you make plastic bags, you hire as many people as you do paper bags . \"Jenest.
The ads, he said, \"Plastic bags are easier to carry \". Schmieder.
\"Heavy plastic bags hurt your hand,\" said Samuel Posner, vice president of retail bags at Samson paper bags.
\"Plastic bags don\'t stand up on their own and all your groceries are walking around,\" he said . \"Posner.
\"Nonsense,\" said Mr. Schmieder.
If a plastic bag is packed,
A side wall built with something like an aluminum foil box, the center is filled with heavy objects like toast and jelly
Box and baby
Food cans as fillers and broken items on top
\"Nothing will move around.
Regardless of these advantages, store managers find that consumer preferences are related to greater geographical location.
\"You can say it\'s a city war.
\"The suburbs are divided,\" said William J . \"Vitulli, vice-
A. President of Community Relations&P.
The company\'s policy is to allow customers to choose between paper bags and plastic bags.
\"Paper bags look better in the trunk of the car, but people in the city don\'t drive,\" he said . \".
Plastic bags with handles are more suitable for carrying groceries for a few blocks.
The plastic used by GarbageAgnes Nemeth in Manhattan prefers plastic bags.
\"I use them as garbage,\" she said . \" She pushed her shopping cart home from the Fairway Market near 74 Broadway.
The paper is broken, it\'s leaking, it\'s a mess.
These are more beautiful and I can use them to arrange the trash cans when I take them home.
Jeanne Bakelar is a suburban resident who likes paper bags.
As the state conservation chairman of the junior women\'s club in New Jersey, she has started a campaign against plastic bags, saying: \"put together English muffins, canned vegetables and eggs.
Many of the 30,000 members of the club are writing to the supermarket, thanking them for using paper bags and distributing bumper stickers that say \"have you embraced paper bags today ? \"?
Paper bags have the appeal of sacks. A solution
But it\'s unlikely to save money for supermarkets.
Heather denbert, a law student from Columbia University, felt that both materials had their own merits and chose her grocery store with this in mind.
\"I\'m going to put one in the other,\" she said . \".
\"I like the paper in my plastic.
\"A version of this article appears on page 1001048 of the national edition of November 17, 1984, titled: Battle of grocery bags: plastic-to-paper.
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