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6 awesome-looking things that are destroying the world

by:Dezheng     2020-06-24
If people believe in hippie scientists in the world, our planet will slowly become a sphere of feces and wrinkles.
Over the past century or more, our industry has grown like a hellhound with magma diarrhea sprinting forward, burning the natural field when it wakes up, all on dogsfart-
The name of the scent of progress.
If we want to believe in the corporate doomsday Lord in the world, we will have to spend more resources to get rid of the current situation ---
It\'s no different from the way the fire department sometimes puts out grease fires with a bacon fat fountain.
In the pursuit of the world, which one is the most meaningless destruction?
Here are some of the worst ways we can destroy the environment purely for aesthetic reasons.
The wrapping paper part of the pleasure of wrapping the gift is the surprise inside the gift, even if it is clearly barking or meow.
Those who stayed.
Trying to help the problem by convincing people that it is OK to eat chicken bars
But he\'s just one person.
We all need help.
At the same time, bananas that are still a little green are more likely to be picked than bananas that are already mostly yellow.
No one wants a banana that has been sitting for a while. It\'s an .
As it happens, the yellow banana is not ripe yet, we all know ---
It is very delicious.
But we don\'t want ripe bananas. -
We want immature bananas so they can mature in our home.
So what happens to bananas that are completely ripe in the store?
They went to the dump!
Supermarkets and restaurants produce more than 0. 4 billion pounds of food each year, of which nearly a pound has never even been eaten.
Shoppers want to walk into the store and see a display full of mature, original food.
Anything too familiar, spotted, bruised or old
Since this is what consumers want, the look must be replaced.
As a result, 10% of the US food supply goes from farm to landfill, and there is a small holiday in the middle of the store, when you let those bananas sit at home, until they become as dark as your greedy souls, 20% of the bananas are wasted at home.
All in all, this is the $160 billion worth of food we are talking about and can be better used to do anything ---
In particular, one of the seven families who could not find enough food was estimated.
The lawn was a damn world during World War II, soldiers died of so many bugs
Infectious diseases such as typhoid and malaria, which the military began to issue, have more or less worked as expected.
The problem is that no one is aware of how much residual cancer and environmental damage it can cause. These newly-
However, the returning heroes now realize that they can fully enjoy a comfortable suburban lawn --
Thanks to DDT, the Lawn began to appear at an unprecedented rate.
Thanks to our new love for soft, soft Kentucky bluegrass, we started using a lot of outdoor water.
The average usage of American households is about 30%, most of which are used for lawn watering.
Across the country, landscape irrigation accounts for 9 billion gallons per day.
You can remake it five times with so much liquid.
In dry areas of the country, outdoor water is as high as 60%, and as you may have heard, in places like California, this is not a brilliant plan, where there is no water already.
When you think that 50% of the water is pure waste due to evaporation, wind and runoff, the situation is even worse.
Of course, the solution to this problem is someone like David Bartlett, who runs a company called Xtreme Green Grass, which will come up from the lawn, so you can still pretend that your property is green and healthy
A pile of wind and rolling grass.
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