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25 totally unnecessary but desirable travel gadgets

by:Dezheng     2020-04-10
Yes, it\'s great to go light.
Of course, too much technology can make life more tricky than easier.
No, it won\'t stop us from listing some of the coolest gadgets, gadgets and accessories that can make you the happiest traveler on this side of the Apple store. (
Unless you lose them. )Narrative clip-
On the camera, it\'s a small five.
The Megapixel camera can clip on your clothes, work for you, and automatically take two photos every minute after opening.
The included app allows you to save, organize, and search for images.
$279. Modern-twist mark-
Marta wash mark
Mat is a good time
Waste for children to draw. The doodle-
Friendly meal mats show scenes from several top cities like Paris and New York, coming alone or with four dry cities
Erase the mark so that the children can erase their work and start over. Modern-twist, $18-25.
Dom Reilly watches scroll high on this floortech foam (
The same thing used in F1 racing)
Protect your clock from 97% impact.
Dom Reilly, $500
Smythson Chameleon travel magazine make a note of your trip
This luxury notebook comes with a sheepskin cover and ultra-ultra, reducing the associated meditationthin pages. Smythson, $280.
MORE: The 5 best travel gadgets holiday with CES 2013 Fitkit fitness solution is workout time.
FitKitThis portable fitness solution combines resistance bands, treated resistance tubes, rope skipping, pedometer, and more in a convenient package weighing less than 2 pounds. Fitkit, $34. 99.
Sleep phonesa \"head band headphones\" are comfortably placed around the ears and provide hours of audio to help reduce ambient noise? Finally!
Wireless version ($99. 95)
Sync with a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.
Sleep phone for $3995.
You can use this high match to foil or at least delay the digital thief.
Tech clothing pocket.
Toys for 5x6. 5-
Inch bag lined RFID-
Block the materials and get credit card and mobile phone information from scanners, Apostrophe, etc.
Scottish, $20-40. Panasonic HX-
This is the world\'s first 25-frame-a-second, 4K (
Very high resolution)
Wearable cameras, worn at any part of the body and operated using a separate control panel.
It can record underwater and automatically level your lenses if they are unstable.
Panasonic, $399. 99.
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By burning a few sticks inside, when you heat the water, bake some burgers, or bake some s\' mores, enough power is generated to charge multiple electronic devices.
Biolitestown, $129. 95.
Secure clothingHidden pocket-smart travel companion-
Used to store valuables and collect sand.
Smart travel partners cash, passports and other treasures can be hidden in the hidden pockets of the stylish T-line
Shirts, vests, even underwear and autumn pants.
A smart travel companion starts at $21. 90.
SwaggerTagThis is a colorful ID tag that personalizes your luggage using family photos, logos of your favorite sports teams, or any other image.
Your personal information is stored in it safely. SwaggerTag, $3. 99.
This clever kit eliminates 99.
In 48 seconds, 9% of the bacteria came from the water.
Can be handled with UV lamp 8,000-
Container. SteriPEN, $99. 95.
MORE: 10 of the most ridiculous travel accessories Victory HT 8x42 binocaresthese telescope claims to provide the best light transfer in the market, which means you are on the most cloudy days
They are also very tough, the shell is made of high strength magnesium and the coating repels the water.
A taxi for $2,249. 99.
Trakdot won when airline luggage service failed.
Globglobatractrakdot is a compact unit equipped with a GSM chip that allows you to track its location on your computer or smartphone.
The price tag includes activation and first year service. Trakdot, $89. 99.
Bentley muchan B
001 WG sunglasses have the first step of Bentley cars ---
Bentley sunglasses
Made in platinum and find the same B on your Bentley Mulsanne gear Rod (if you own one)
Even this case is impressive. -
This is a sturdy box that is perfect for your Bentley center console.
If you do, too.
Bentley glasses, $15,950.
Dog lovers travel guide Kelly Carter\'s new book, food advice, from preparing a trek for your dog to the beach (
Yes, they should apply sunscreen.
Find the most demons
Friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, etc. in 75 North American cities.
$22 \"dog-friendly travel guide \". 95. MORE: The 50-
Penny accessories save the tripUltimate bag on your wheels, the ultimate bag on the wheels of pet carrierSherpa is a medium
Bags weighing up to 16 pounds of animals with wheels.
This is part of the company\'s guaranteed boarding plan, ensuring that Delta, Southwest and most other major airlines accept it.
Final wheel, $147. Simple. be metal-
Free beltsSimple. be makes metal-
Free seat belts that do not trigger airport security detectors.
They are made of solid polypropylene or polyester straps and are fitted with an acetate buckle.
The belt is available in a variety of colors, with a diamond or zigzag pattern. simple. be, $19-29.
The Swiss army knife for my mission City iPhone case and tool iPhone case.
Yes, this iPhone case protects your precious phone, but it also comes with slides
Drawers with mirrors, tweezers, bottle opener, stylus, screwdriver, USB drive, mini LED lights and even a pair of scissors.
It meets TSA standards, so by X-ray machine.
My city iphone case, $60.
Louis Vuitton shower-
If a standard suitcase can\'t cut it off, you\'ll be happy to know one of LV\'s products --to-
Now include the order option for this showerin-a-trunk --
A suitcase that turns into a shower.
The bad news is that you will only get a price quote if you entrust the brand to do one. Risky.
Louis Vuitton, price available on request.
MORE: When lostWilliams\'s hand made luggage is lost, the \"smart\" luggage will text you-
A British designer whose background includes products from some of the world\'s top leather companies. Her the cross-
The shaped emit case is lovely, but if you are a rich and burning imaginative traveler, her customized service is the easiest way to ensure your luggage stands out.
Williams is handmade for $146. Two-
It is reported that this towel was developed for military use and made of woven polyurethane material where the sand will not stick to it.
It also does not absorb moisture, so it does not mold. Hammacher, $59. 95.
Bang and Olufsen Beolit 12 travel speakers who cares what you play when it looks so good?
Bang and OlufsenThis are the coolest-looking iPhone-
Transplant speakers you will find.
It is equipped with an eight
Battery life. Beoplay, $599.
Hendrick\'s gin and traveler case why do you turn into a trendy bottle when a leather satchel says so much?
There\'s not just a bottle of gin in this bag--
You can also get a trendy flask and a cashmere and silk scarf.
Harrods, $1,349
Speaker\'s Briefcase PA system this multi-functional suitcase is designed for businessmen who give a speech in a short period of time.
This box is built in. in, 20-
Watt amplifier, pop music
The podium and two microphones.
Hammacher, $34995.
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