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will a fee make you ditch paper bags? n.y.c. hopes so

by:Dezheng     2020-06-27
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\"This American Life\" is characterized by a family from Queens whose 12 adult children create an \"impressive but extreme\" way to divide the heritage of their parents.
Weather: Sunny days can be reached in the middle70s.
There\'s a chance of rain tonight. Alternate-
Side parking: valid on Wednesday and suspended from Thursday to Saturday.
You may have heard that singles are banned in New York state.
Use plastic bags next year.
Yesterday, on Earth Day, Governor Como held a public ceremony to sign the legislation into law.
What you may not have heard is that a few days ago, the New York City Council passed a bill approving a 5-
Each cent carrying a paper bag.
Mayor Blasio supports the cost, which is expected to take effect on next March, the same day the plastic bag ban began.
If the city seems to want you to give up being single
You\'re right with the bag.
\"We have developed a one-off culture in which we have used something,\" said Brad Rand, a Brooklyn Democrat who is a sponsor of paper bag fees.
\"We need to change some behavior, but it turns out that it\'s not that hard to change.
\"What you need to know is: remind me which plastic bags will be banned?
Basically, you get plastic bags at grocery stores and bodegas.
How about plastic bags for restaurant takeout?
These will not be banned.
Like garbage bags, plastic bags purchased in bulk will not.
Why is the city charging for paper bags?
Prevent you from using them.
\"Paper bags are much heavier than plastic bags . \"Lander said.
Transport those heavier bags is more expensive than you think and less friendly to the environment, he added. Mr.
Landler estimates that the city spends between $12 million and $13 million a year putting plastic bags into landfill sites, and if everyone switches to paper bags, \"the number goes up because paper bags weigh a lot.
We could spend $20 million more.
\"But isn\'t paper bags an environmental alternative to plastic bags?
In order to make paper bags, a lot of trees were cut down and a lot of water and chemicals were used.
Overall, the process is not very good for the environment.
Do you want me to remember to take reusable bags to the store?
Many people do this.
\"From Washington, D. C. C.
From California to Seattle to Ireland to Israel . \"
Lander, where repeated bags are encouraged to click, through a mix of bans and fees on individual bagsuse bags.
\"We carry things with us every day . \"Lander added.
\"We remember our wallets, keys, handbags, wallets and mobile phones.
\"Part of the fee will help pay for items that offer free reusable packages.
Which stores will receive 5-cent fee?
Many stores such as supermarkets and clothing stores.
\"The supermarket is a place with a huge amount of money --
\"It\'s from here to use the bag . \"Lander said.
Persons who receive food stamps or other forms of government assistance will be exempt from payment.
Which stores will not be subject to 5-cent fee? Restaurants.
People want food to spill as little as possible.
Who opposes 5-cent fee?
The chairman of the New York state Food Industry Alliance said the legislation could lead to increased costs for retailers because they would not receive any income.
Member Robert F.
Holden, a Democrat in Queens who is one of nine lawmakers who voted against the legislation, said the cost would hit customers\' wallets.
The unusual little Museum is located in the elevator well.
Karina Vetrano murder: A judge upheld the conviction of Chanel Lewis.
Native Americans found a surprising ally in a battle with New Jersey: The Trump administration.
Why buying a gun in New Jersey will soon cost 20 times. [
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Mini Crossword Puzzle: this is the puzzle for today.
The main causes of homelessness in New York City are domestic violence and deportation, but only 7% of New Yorkers believe this is the cause of thousands of people entering shelters, according to a recent survey commissioned by Win, win is a non-profit organization that provides shelter for families.
New Yorkers believe that single adults living on the streets are a symbol of homelessness, even if families with children make up the majority of the homeless.
Recent respondents believe mental illness is the cause of homelessness.
The survey was made by some Staten Island residents against Win\'s 200-
Accommodation in the autonomous city. —
New York City prosecutor Nikita Stewart is setting up a database to track police officers who may have credibility issues as witnesses at trial. [Gothamist]
Candidates are lining up for a congressional seat in the Bronx, which will be withdrawn next year. [
Wall Street Journal
Bicycles without docks may come to Staten Island, but there are currently no protected bike lanes. [Streetsblog]
On June, a large virtual game of clues will be held in Jersey City. [NJ. com]
Make a small hole camera in Alice Austin\'s house on Staten Island. 5:30 p. m. [$5 with R. S. V. P. ]
Celebrate Shakespeare\'s birthday with music and monologue at Bryant Park in Manhattan. 6 p. m. [Free]
Composer and writer behind \"an American soldier\", an opera about children under the age of 19year-old Chinese-
American soldiers commit suicide after being razed in the army to discuss their new job
York Historical Society in Manhattan6:30 p. m. [$38]—
Mrs. Elisha Bronne may change, so double
Check before departure.
For more events, see
Pick a guide from the culture page of The Times.
Organizing one of Manhattan\'s most famous street markets, the San Genaro feast in Little Italy, is obviously not as easy as it used to be.
\"There are no Italian suppliers now,\" said Mort Berkowitz . \" He is in charge of the event, known as one of the kings of the street fair in New York City.
At 2014, to make sure there is enough Italian flavor, sir.
Berkowitz has a bakery for 350-pound cannoli.
Two years later, there was a huge cake.
\"It\'s 6 feet high and weighs nearly 10,000 pounds,\" he said . \"Mr.
Berkowitz has been organizing street markets since 1973
Longer than I live.
During that time, he survived many storms.
Not everyone likes the city\'s street market about 200 times a year, he said.
People complain about the transportation, the fees charged by the organizers and the lack of creativity from the suppliers.
What do street market organizers do?
\"We have big and vocal competitions . \"
Burkowitz pointed out.
\"I\'m doing the blueberry race in Tenek.
I did Pizza on Ninth Avenue.
But what are the biggest challenges facing street markets? Rain, Mr. Berkowitz said.
\"I think the climate is changing,\" he said . \"
\"It\'s raining a lot.
Probably not in a week, but on weekends.
\"New York City had 31% more rainfall last year than normal.
Five of the city\'s 10 wettest years have occurred since 2003.
\"Last spring, it rained every Saturday or Sunday between April and June, and people were crushed . \"Berkowitz said.
But this show
Or street markets. must go on. Mr.
Berkowitz\'s next Street show is on Sunday, he said, \"when you can learn to play tennis: Broadway from 96 to 106 . \". It’s Tuesday —
Enjoy outdoor activities if you can.
Dear Diary: I am going to my part by subway --time job.
There are very few other passengers on the train.
I noticed a young man moving on with a huge black garbage bag full of rubbish.
I didn\'t notice him until he started working frantically on the knot at the top of the bag.
I want to know what\'s inside.
When he finally spread the bag out to the top, I saw it filled with cheese he started to eat. —
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