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why looking through old memories will never be the same again

by:Dezheng     2020-04-02
Copy photos. . . what for! ?
Source: think stockit has always been my favorite
Oh, to-do list for the next 10 years, but I still don\'t have time to \"make a family album \".
Now, I worry that I will never.
Because since I had children and set tasks for myself, the album has joined the phone book, regular eye contact between people in the street directory and the category \"things that no longer exist because of iphone.
\"I know I can take half a day to filter iPhoto and order a photo album from the 50,000 pictures stored there.
I can reactivate my Facebook account, where there is no doubt that the virtual album made in 2008 is still there, and the comments from a random male colleague in front of three jobs are disturbing.
\"Looks good, Megan! ” Shudder.
But I\'m not talking about that album.
I\'m talking about the one your parents still have in the cabinet in the room at rumpus.
Big and fat ring
When you open the binder, the binder and the sticky padded cover and the sticky page make a crackling sound in the crack.
It\'s a perfect, slightly yellow chronicle of your childhood.
Family albums are getting retro.
Image source: the picture of News Limited deach is too familiar-six-year-
You run the hose along the slide in your clothes, your barefoot brother poses next to his cart, and your mother wears her maternity sailor suit, about to give birth to your sister-you can\'t even say that you still remember that the real moment is just round --
Its 6x4 version, saved behind the plastic that lost the stick.
Today, our memories are kept in the film of digital cameras.
Most of them will never become something you can hold in your hand.
According to a recent survey by Samsung, only the photos we took were eventually downloaded, printed and placed in traditional albums.
Respondents said they didn\'t have time and didn\'t even know how to print photos, but a tenth claimed to share photos on social media within 60 seconds of taking them. (
52 other countries released these reports within a week. )
But does the photo work the same way as the \"memory\" taken a minute ago?
When they are confused by the dozen golf clubs you sell on Gumtree, there is no title in the text that your mother is familiar (
\"The first dance of Jenny, 1983 \")?
Maybe there are hundreds or so of photos to commemorate our first 18 years-more if your dad thinks he\'s a vassal. If you are late in the order of birth or the lens cover is often forgotten, then less-today\'s parents will share an average of 973 baby photos on social media before the child is five years old, A study by the parent area of the UK online security agency said.
I\'m not sure how high these 64 are.
My daughter\'s first day of school photo is better than a good one stuck in the book.
When will we sit down as a family to see them in the future? (
In the meantime, how many more notifications will I be intimidated by that store is almost complete? )
Smartphones and social media have changed the way we look at photos and share them.
Of course, our parents took very bad pictures, and also-most notably, they took four pictures to \"finish rolling\"-but at that time, the greater cost of family photography, scarcity of images, and two photos --
A week after waiting for a photo printed by a chemist, even a blurry, blurry photo becomes more precious.
So much, in fact, there will be a tiff in the back seat about who browses the packet first. (
Grab them in the corner!
For God\'s sake, don\'t touch the negatives! )
My kids don\'t know this kind of wait or this kind of reward.
They use the camera app as a mirror, take selfies, just like they do at work, but the same Samsung research has found that their 18-to 24-year-
Old peers have \"used\" albums.
I\'m sorry for them, especially because of the baby photos of our bath time (
All kids together, shampoo mohawks, snorkeling masks)
Will only come out on special occasions
Their products are available now and in the future, forever.
At best, it\'s embarrassing for them.
The worst situation . . . . . . Worse.
Whether it\'s my age or my slight liquor hangover, my kids won\'t have more and more experiences because too much of life is recorded and lived through our unique equipment, this gives me a feeling similar to homesickness.
A constant, painful nostalgia for so many things that are not just furry
Photo album paging. That my soon-to-
The teenage daughter will never spend hours on the phone in the lobby, with her feet lying on the wall, chatting for so long, her ears getting hot, and they have to change sides.
I will never humiliate them by picking up the kitchen extension to tell them to get off the bus because I need to open the line in case Nanna rings.
Embarrassing photos will now not only be saved in photo albums, but will also be seen by everyone on the Internet.
Source: think stocki is good ~
Recently in the New York Times Magazine, there was a report about the address book that the writer\'s mother put in the kitchen drawer. \"a small visual detail of my childhood, I can imagine perfectly . . . . . . Full of her official Spider script . . . . . . With the change of life of friends, the address has been deleted and replaced by new
Maybe it\'s a little thing, except, as the author points out, \"I know when she\'s looking for someone\'s phone number.
My own kids don\'t know when I\'m looking for a phone number because all they see on my iPhone is me, focusing on something mysterious, not them.
\"In the irony of all parents, who hasn\'t ignored what their children are actually doing at the moment because we\'re trying to bring up the camera app to shoot it? (
Meanwhile, in the UK, The Times recently reported that husbands who claim to be considered \"human selfie sticks\" by their wives asked for another 150 perfect candid shots. )
I would also like to know how my child should develop character without key learning experience, as this experience is to remember that only after one day of library closure, only then did you have a school program that expired and your Street with the great English Encyclopedia had disappeared. (
Because their fleet is not in the driveway, you know that. )
The first cheque book as an indisputable proof of adult status? No such thing.
Make a hybrid tape by recording the radio?
No one can learn patience and hair
Trigger the timing now.
While I can\'t simulate these simple and lovely experiences for my kids-I can\'t even explain to the ears of millennials they\'re confused about-one thing I can do, i\'m finally leaving.
After 10 years of my-do list.
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