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why do-it-yourself photo printing doesn\'t add up

by:Dezheng     2020-04-04
Damon darlinoct wrote it.
In the past few months, the price of 2005 printers has dropped to 30% due to the fierce price war.
So, is it time to buy a photo printer for your home?
After all, you can buy Hewlett for just $200.
Packard Photosmart 8250 spit out a photo in just 14 seconds, which is equivalent to the quality of the photo returned from the photo integrator in an hour.
Canon iP6600D print borderless 4-at the same price-by-6-
Inch photos can also be printed on both sides in 46 seconds-
Side paper.
The problem is that if you believe in the manufacturer\'s math, you will pay at least 28 cents for printing after you make a preliminary investment.
If you trust the test of the product reviewer in the consumer report, it could be close to 50 cents.
At the same time, print a piece 4-by-6-
A one-inch snapshot of the retailer\'s photo lab, like the one in Sam\'s Club, is as low as 13 cents. Snapfish.
Online Mail com-
Order the service and if you pay in advance, you can print a dime per piece.
Why spend so much money printing at home?
That\'s what consumers seem to say.
For the 12 months ended July, home printing accounted for only 48% per cent of the 7 months.
According to data from the international Photo Marketing Association, a trade group for retailers and camera manufacturers, 7 billion digital photos were produced, down significantly from 64% in the previous 12 months.
However, due to the overall growth of digital photo printing, the number of photos ejected from home printers has increased significantly-
Up about 68% year on yearEarly--
But retail labs obviously have an advantage.
You may say that this is an example of the wisdom of the masses.
Despite the constant efforts of manufacturers to convince consumers that printing at home is fast, convenient and very interesting, the evidence suggests that many people are adjusting marketing.
For those consumers, you don\'t need a senior business degree to see printer manufacturers like HP.
Packard and Canon make money.
They use the \"blade\" business model.
It was named after King C\'s marketing innovation.
Gillette sold his Shaver at a low price early in the last century, but all his money was spent on a high price
Disposable blade edge.
Printer manufacturers also use this bundle
Product strategy.
The profit margin of the printer is relatively low.
But the price of ink per ounce is four times the price of Krug Clos du Mesnil Champagne, which costs about $425 per bottle.
The price of ink is similar to that of Joy perfume, which is considered to be one of the more expensive perfumes for $158 per 2. 5-ounce bottle.
They won\'t put you in trouble.
Some photo printers force you to buy ink cartridges and paper together in the \"Value Pack.
\"Ink or printer ribbons can run out before you run out of half the paper, so it\'s possible that you build a forever
Increase the unused pile of photographic paper.
From Photo makers to camera manufacturers, the industry has been worried that consumers have not printed enough photos since the rise of digital cameras.
The Photo Marketing Association said it was relieved that the proportion of printed photos rose from 31% in 2003 to 35% this year.
The trend is slight, but the direction is correct.
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The thinness of the trend line also shows that a new photographic culture has been formed.
Consumers print their photos, however, they share their photos more often and the technology allows them not to print.
The camera now has liquid. crystal-
2 display screen.
5 or 3 inch designed for this purpose only.
Consumers upload photos to Snapfish for free storage and sharing. Com, Shutterfly.
Com or EasyShare.
Com, one owned by Eastman Kodak.
You no longer need to send a snapshot of the print to grandma.
You can send a URL.
These services are becoming more and more popular, which is why HP bought Snapfish and Kodak for Ofoto.
Merge it into its online service. Wal-
Mart and Costco have also created online services for storing and printing photos.
Snapfish allows you to order print stored online in order to pick it up in the nearest Walgreens.
The storage on the online service is free and currently they provide unlimited storage space.
While each item is slightly different, you can also use them to print out albums, calendars and mugs with photos you have uploaded.
Ben Nelson, vice president and general manager of Snapfish, said the survey of its customers found that 46% of customers made home printing and 45% of customers printed at retailers.
\"We kind of scratched our heads for that,\" said Mr. Nelson said.
Snapfish, he said, realized that consumers changed their behavior depending on the photo.
They will print at home if they want it now.
People with 30 to 40 photos go to the retailer.
If they are creating large projects like mass greeting cards or photo albums, they will seek Mailorder company.
\"We have changed our services to achieve these three goals,\" he said . \".
This is not to say that home printers are always not cost-effective.
If you want an 8-by-10-
Inch photo, a home printer will be done for about $3 Copy of Walgreens cost for around $3.
But before you invest in these professional printers, you should ask yourself how often you intend to do this type of printing.
Dimitrios Delis, who tracks facts and data for the Photo Marketing Association, said that 85% of the photos are classic photos of 6 inch.
Any time you print the volume--
Like a photo of a Christmas card or a small league team--
You \'d better let the retailer handle it.
\"It\'s neither economical nor convenient if they want to print a lot of photos at home,\" he said. Delis said.
Prints made at home will certainly be kept for a long time.
This is certainly a good reason why these printers are welcomed by amateurs and professionals.
Independent research has shown that assuming you use leading ink and recommended photo paper, copies produced by home printers should last from 80 to 100 without fading or yellowing.
Marketers at Canon and HP like to point out that these studies also show that prints made decades ago by photo processors are now showing signs of fading. (
Today\'s photo processing machine should produce photos that can last as long as the family
Print version. )
A better solution might be a home office printer, which can be used as a photo printer in the rare case you print at home.
Many cartridges have separate cartridges, so you don\'t have to replace all the colors when you inevitably run out of black ink.
Canon sells clear cartridges so you can verify when the ink is gone instead of relying on the printer to tell you to replace the cartridges.
After all, when this liquid gold costs you $65 an ounce, you\'ll want to use every drop.
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You can\'t add up your own photos.
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