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Which professional paper notebooks company doing OBM?
In comparison with the companies who can supply ODM and OEM service, there are actually few companies that are capable of supplying OBM support. Original Brand Manufacturer means a paper notebooks company that retails their own branded paper notebooks under its own brand name. The OBM manufacturer will be responsible for everything including the production and development, supply price, delivery and promotion. OBM service achievement requires a strong set of sales network in the international and associated channels establishment which costs considerably. Together with the rapid growth of Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd, it has been striving to offer OBM service in the future.

Dezheng Printing. is a large-scale and professional manufacturer of 100 books. leather photo albums is the main product of Dezheng Printing. It is diverse in variety. This product does not contain toxic substances such as aluminum gallium arsenide, which is harmful to the respiratory, renal and reproductive systems. Dezheng Printing offers a wide range of printed paper products, including notebooks, cards, scrapbooks, paper packaging, poster, etc. The customer satisfaction puts DeZheng Custom Notebook Printing in a strong position. we's 5 experienced designers ensure accurate custom designs.

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