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What about the maximum supply of happy birthday beautiful cards by Dezheng per month?
This depends on the production capacity and inventory of happy birthday beautiful cards in Guangzhou Dezheng Printing Co., Ltd. In fact, the monthly supply is flexible. We can reduce production during the off-season and increase production at peak times. You need to tell us about the requirements and customized services.

Dezheng Printing. takes pride in itself with its excellent track record of manufacturing a range of paper gift bags. Universal cards is the main product of Dezheng Printing. It is diverse in variety. The chemicals used to the color of Dezheng Printing personalised thank you cards do not include formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, carcinogenic and allergy-inducing dyes, all of which are known to be damaging to human health. our company has 280+ employees, including 20+ professionals in R&D and Q&C sectors. our team. has a professional design service system. we offers a wide range of printed paper products, including notebooks, cards, scrapbooks, paper packaging, poster, etc.

DeZheng Custom Notebook Printing Every day strive to pursue the quality of perfection leather notebook. Welcome to visit our factory!
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