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waikato police seek owners of found family photo albums

by:Dezheng     2020-04-06
Waikato police have confirmed that they are looking for the owners of four precious family photo albums found to have fallen into the city ditch. The albums -
Black, pink, brown and blue
On July 27, after being found in a ditch on one side of Bankwood Road in Donnie Park, it was handed over to Hamilton police.
Waikato police said on their Facebook page that despite their efforts and search, they have not been successful in tracking the owner so far.
\"We need your help!
They posted, \"please share . \"
\"Photo albums are very valuable, especially when handed down by generations.
\"With the power of Facebook, we need your help to return these albums to their owners.
They were handed in as discovered property, and a front desk team member of the Hamilton Central Police Department has taken this as a personal crusade for her months of work, return these to their owner/family.
\"Many searches have no results and we have not reported the album being stolen or lost.
However, some Eagles
On October 4, 1962, followers of the eyes found a photo posted on the news of the Gisborne photo.
The title of the wedding photo prints the name of the person in the photo considered to be Robin Jean McKinley [bride]
Frederick James Jonesgroom].
The best man on the far left is David Jones from Gisborne, and the bridesmaids are Mary Heep from Gisborne.
The couple on the right were quoted as Carol Hebert from Gisborne and Desley Jones from Wellington.
Flower print for the girl, Rosalie Joan column, Trent.
However, the Waikato Police updated their post again this afternoon to confirm that \"Mr. hiber\" did live in Gisborne and that they are currently and the first of the people in the photo who can accurately describe the album
\"If so, the mystery is how the album ended in Hamilton\'s Park.
\"Watch the space, please keep sharing until we find the rightful owner,\" the police wrote . \".
According to police, the albums look like they are from 1950.
1960 s, full of similar script pages/photos.
One of the books is full of weddings attended by families in their 60 s, 70 s and 80 s, as well as trips to Japan and Australia, and Honolulu is also 1960 and 70 years old.
Anyone with information should call Katie.
Joe is 858 6200 in Hamilton police.
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