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students try to ban plastic bags in hailey, idaho; town says no

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
High school students in Hailey, Idaho have lost their qualification to ban plastic bags, but they say they will not give up.
The measures pushed by Wood River High School environment club won only 620 votes in Tuesday\'s vote;
864 residents voted against the ban.
\"Even though this is a disappointing loss, we will try to stay awake and maybe go straight to ketchham and try to do it there, lex Shapiro, a junior high school student, told The Times. The student-
Leading to large voting initiatives
Spending resistance in the plastic bag industry, especially Hilex Poly, which operates plastic bag recycling and manufacturing plants near Jerome.
The company launched a similar struggle across the country, launched a local \"ban on packages\" website, hired a lobbying company, and advertised on television, radio and newspapers, warning, if the ban is passed, 125 jobs at the Jerome plant could be threatened.
Mark Daniels, vice president of Hilex Poly, said the company applauded voters and continued to work with Hailey residents to increase recycling.
Americans are struggling.
\"They have the wisdom to go beyond the wrong message and understand the harmful effects of banning or taxing luggage on employment and the local economy,\" Daniels said in a statement . \".
Opponents of the ban also include local Idaho Mountain Express, which believes that removing plastic bags could raise grocery prices and cause more landfill problems with paper bags.
\"Plastic bags are the tip of the environmental iceberg, and it needs more than just a feeling --
\"To avoid the ban on luggage,\" the newspaper said . \".
Students react with their own low
Budget activities, including a review article in the Idaho Business Review.
\"We started looking at the harmful effects of using plastic at once.
We were surprised by the facts;
Use 60,000 plastic bags in a second!
Since then, issues related to throwing
\"Our Valley, like the rest of the world, has a clear away culture,\" they wrote . \" They compared their battle with Hilex Poly to \"the story of David and Gelia\"
The students admitted that 42% of their votes in Hailey were frustrating.
\"I feel like we have done almost everything we can within our reach.
We had all the weekends and all the weekends
When I was in school, \"said Shapiro.
But they want to know: what if they start earlier?
\"We already have a lot of supporters,\" said Shapiro, who is nearby . \"free.
\"So this is the beginning. . . .
We just need more time to educate people and get it out.
\"Related: The Santa Monica committee OKs plastic bag semi-plastic bag campaign is a lesson for Idaho students to ban plastic shopping bags from taking effect in unregistered Los AngelesA. County--
Kim Murphy in Seattle: Hailey, Idaho, voters turned down a student --
Proposal to ban the use of plastic bags.
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