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small paper bags for your small gifts

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
Easy way to make ideas and different paper bags for your small gift.
You can make paper bags of any size with this simple technique. I have a problem!
I have these great brown paper bags that pack my gifts at the craft fair.
For these gifts, however, the smaller ones are too small.
So I need a smaller bag.
I also happen to have a lot of such paper.
So I decided to make good use of them.
What you need :-
A4 paper-Glue-
Decoration materials (
I chose ink and some watercolors that were not drawn)-Scissors-
First of all, decide what you want your paper bag to look like: normal or patterned?
Because I can\'t decide. ever! )
I did both versions!
But in the end, I still like to have patterns.
I hung them up in ink and watercolors for the night to dry.
Some results are great, some are not very good.
But, please try, you can use anything you like: Stamps, pencils, pens, just be creative.
Please note that I have not used any defined measurements.
What you have to know is the basic technology, and then you can improvise with any paper size.
I use thin A4 paper in white.
Cut your sheets in half first.
I folded it in half with the old one and cut it along the creases.
I had to trim my sheets because I didn\'t want any sheets to show.
Second, take only one piece of paper and finish the work alone.
Next, turn over your pattern.
Let\'s work vertically.
Folded in half, but not all the way through.
Make sure there is an edge of about cm below.
Then continue to fold the small flap over.
Now open and apply glue along the flaps.
Don\'t forget to press it!
Then glue along the side you want to be your bottom. Glue inside.
I could have done this easily before gluing the sides, but I forgot.
But it can also be done.
Don\'t forget to press it!
Now you have a nice package.
But I want to make it better.
I want to make it look more like a shop bought.
But first you should let the glue dry for a while.
Or, if you are as anxious as I am, just pick up your iron and just press it down.
If you apply glue, it\'s time to fold the bottom.
About 2,5 cm from the bottom is enough.
Pick up your creative scissors now.
I chose this glyph pattern. Cute!
Cut along the bottom near the end of the paper. Don\'t waste!
And apply some glue to the folded interior.
Now cut along the top and you are ready! It\'s done :)Simple, right?
Take your little gift, some tape, a rope, that\'s it.
Just have fun and ideas.
I can\'t wait to see what you do. (P. S.
English is not my first language!
I\'m sorry if I made a mistake. )
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