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shoppers opt for loose fruit and vegetables to avoid ocean-polluting plastic packaging... as paper bags start returning to supermarkets

by:Dezheng     2020-06-30
Shopperare escape glue
The data shows that packaged fruits and vegetables buy more loose products.
Kantar, a data company, says sales of unpackaged fresh produce in supermarkets have grown twice as fast as plastics.
This is the latest sign that consumers are taking renewed action to reduce plastic waste, and the Daily Mail has long been calling for a reduction in plastic waste.
At the same time, 528,285 people volunteered to join the Daily Mail until April 23, the British spring clean of keeping the UK clean.
According to Kantar, more than 5 of all the fruits, vegetables and salads sold in the last 12 weeks are loose.
Fraser mckeitt, head of retail research at the company, said: \"Consumers put pressure on retailers in packaging and express their feelings on the fruit and vegetable aisles.
In the 12 weeks ended March 24, sales of bulk fruits, vegetables and salads increased by 6 percentage points, Kantar said.
Over the same period, sales of packaged products increased by 3 percentage points.
Richard Hyman, an independent retail analyst, said: \"These data highlight the importance of a theme package.
Some of the problems attracted a lot of publicity, but failed to attract the attention of the public and failed to change the behavior of the public.
The theme of the package, especially the plastic, is obviously moving the dial and shoppers are voting with their spending.
A recent study by minte found that half of adults said plastic pollution was their top concern for the environment, and that the same proportion of people said they supported shops in buying plastic --free.
Meanwhile, paper bags of fruits and vegetables are returning to major supermarkets.
Tesco said it would try at selected stores and promised to sell 45 loose fruits and vegetables instead of packaged.
Morrison made a similar decision last year.
The country\'s largest supermarket is one of a series of businesses that signed a \"plastic contract\" with charity packaging last year.
It promises to make all plastic packaging recyclable, reusable or packable by 2025.
Helen Bird of Wrap said: \"In dealing with plastic waste, citizens are clearly inspired and are looking for practical ways, such as buying fresh produce and reducing the amount of plastic packaging they bring home.
You can still sign up for the UK spring cleaning at gbspringclean. org.
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