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matting photos in scrapbooks

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
The best tips and ideas for taking pictures in scrapbooks are the absolute best way to save photos and memories for generations.
It is not difficult to make a scrapbook page.
All you need is something basic, some scrapbook paper, some adhesive and some photos.
This is the most basic element of a scrapbook.
You then create a page based on these elements to capture the memory of your life.
Matting takes these pages to new dimensions by adding layers to the page.
The mat gives your photos the attention they deserve and creates a balance for your layout.
They allow you to add creative and artistic elements to your scrapbook.
Most importantly, they can be easy to do and as complex as you would like them to be.
The tool to create the scrapbook MatsYou only needs a few tools to start the map.
You may already have many of them: 12 inch transparent regular scissors or paper-free trimmerAcid adhesive
Tape runner-up is the most easy to use decorative scissors/marble decorative decoration material, which can be basic matting technology for card paper, case paper, vellum or metal paper
The first step in the matting Photo Pad is to paste the photo onto a scrapbook paper or other flat material.
Bigger than the photo itself.
In general, they are 1/8 larger than the photos.
Use them as a frame for your photos.
They can be pre-cut mats that you buy for this purpose, or they can be mats that you make yourself.
The most basic mat is just a colored sheet of paper that enhances a scrapbook page or photo. .
It can be a variation of the color of your choice or a contrast color.
This is your choice. it can be a piece of scrap, lace, or a painting.
It\'s up to you and the effect you\'re trying to create.
Choose a material that can be mounted on a solid card. Mat Stacks -
To save a lot of time, the easiest way to pad picturef is that the pad stack is a great choice for installing photos.
They have solid colors and prints.
Usually, scrapbook paper covers will have a consistent mat stack so you can complete a lot of scrapbooks quickly and efficiently.
If you feel like you\'re not too artistic, or a scrapbook beginner, these are a great option for you to crop your photos --
The first step is to take out any unwanted details from your photo.
It enables you to focus on the main theme of the picture.
Most photos are square or rectangular.
But you can crop any photo of the shape you want.
You just have to cut off any place you want to \"clean up.
Remember not to use too many different shapes on photos.
It can cause confusion on your page.
So you can use the trimmer to cut the photo, or you can use a clear ruler to mark the area to be cropped and cut it off.
Crop any area of the photo in the photo that distracts the photo theme or the story you are telling.
The Single mat is a piece of paper or material between the scrapbook base page and the photo.
It should usually be a solid color paper that enhances the color of your photo.
If you use a pre-cut mat, you simply stick the mat to the photo and place it on the mat.
Then you attach the mat to the base of the card Library.
A simple cutting method selects a color for your mat that matches your photo and your pageMeasure theme. Add photos to your size by 1/4 with your rules.
When you put the photo on paper it will make the edge of the mat 1/8 \"install the photo to the center of the mat and there is no rule to indicate how big the edge of your mat must be, so, make your creative juices and create cushions that fit your layout.
Your mat can also be 1/4, 1/2, 1 inch and 2 inch (0. 6 cm, 1. 3 cm, 2. 5 cm and 5 cm)borders.
Technique of double drawing-
Add depth to the scrapbook page. The double matting gives the special or focus importance of the photo on the scrapbook page.
Technology is simple.
You pad the photo on a slightly larger card and then pad it on another larger card.
You can choose the color based on the card you use and the case paper. You can add one or more layers of mats and be careful to add too much volume to the mat.
Create your first mat with light colors (such as white) and it will highlight your photos.
Select a smaller size such as 1/4 or 1/8 (0. 6 or 0. 3 cm)border.
Make a bigger photo pad in a free but darker color.
1/4 to 2 inch larger than your first photo mat.
Before cutting the new mat, you need to double the border measurement and add it to the size of your last mat.
It\'s easy to make double or triple cushions.
1/4 to 2 inch larger than your first photo mat.
Before cutting the new mat, you need to double the border measurement and add it to the size of your last mat.
Remember to make the mat closest to the photo a solid color.
Using this technique, you can use patterns between the first mat and your base card group, you can create the smallest mat closest to the picture, then a larger mat, and then
This is a great technique if you are going to use the case paper.
You will use paper in neutral color, then print paper and then neutral paper.
Try to avoid using paper directly on the picture.
Measure and cut 3 pads.
The first mat should be 1/8 (0. 3 cm)
Bigger than both sides of the photo.
The second cushion should be 1/2 (1. 3 cm)
Bigger than the first mat of different colors.
The last mat should be 1/8 (0. 3 cm)
Same color as the first mat, larger than the second mat on both sides.
Stick the mat together and post the photo.
The mat may take extra time to dry.
The size and shape of this mat vary a lot.
Window or frame matching can be done from below the picture or from the top of the picture.
In a window or frame matting, you can add a frame or window made of cards at the top of the picture instead of below.
The frame or window can be cut by hand or with a punch.
The photo should actually be larger than the frame so that the frame covers the edge of the photo. An X-
The Acto knife is the perfect choice for this mat.
Click on the picture and you will learn more about the technology.
Die-cutting machine is also a good resource for cutting matsoffting MatsMats, which can add decorations on one side or the other by offset.
Layer the paper of the same shape at a sequential angle to produce a dramatic effect, or simply use multiple mats, place the photo on one side of the mat and hang it on the edge.
The torn MatsAdd texture is added to the mat layer by tearing along the edge.
Use it between cutting edges, or layer together several torn edges for a soft effect.
There are a lot of things you can do to create beautiful scrapbook pages.
Your photos are at the heart of every page you make.
Pave the way for each of your memories to shine.
Here are some of my favorite tips for you to cut a scrapbook paper at any time and save the remaining waste paper in the file.
If you want to use printed paper on a solid scrapbook page, you can use this paper to enhance your matir and double the photos.
Pad the photo on a solid color, then pad the photo on the print paper.
You\'ll get a nice layered look that won\'t take anything from the pictureUse tape, adding more dimensional shades to the layout as the border of your MatsUse.
Use decorative scissors such as decorative scissors on the mat to add more layering to your project. Add decoration to the mat. I love adding rhinestones, flowers, stickers and beads
They give your layout the required color to add the photo corners to your mat instead of using them to make the photos and add them to the corners of the mat.
You can buy it yourself or do it yourself.
Use Border boxing.
Decorative border punch provides the perfect edge for the matsPreformatted paper and mat of the scrapbook-
If I create a gift scrapbook for a wedding or baby shower, or there are so many pages that need to be created, then the way to create a scrapbook layout is faster, simpler, I use pre-formatted mats and scrapbook pages.
Basically you just need some scrapbook adhesive to do this
I prefer the tape runner, some scissors, you can go!
My favorite articles and resources are scrapbook page design.
Since the matting and layout design go hand in hand, knowing both will help you create special pages of your favorite souvenirs on an electronic cutting machine. If you have an electronic cutting machine, you can make the mat in a few minutes.
Most machines like Cricut have shape features.
You can choose a square or rectangle.
Adjust the size according to your photo and cut as needed.
An easy way to make multi-layer mats.
Once you have created these pads, you can save them for future use.
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