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make christmas presents look better with these cheap & easy gift wrap hacks

by:Dezheng     2020-06-28
As long as I remember, I always like to pack gifts.
No matter how careful I am, my gift-
The packaging usually looks like a toddler does it, so I\'m always looking for easy ways to sort out my packaging.
If you have a lot of gifts to pack, shop-
The bows and labels you buy can become very expensive, but there are many ways to make them yourself.
Here are nine DIY decorations that you can make from home. 1.
Cupcake padding makes lovely flowers-
Shape bow with top package.
Jill continues to create. Craft.
Love made these with holiday theme pads, but you can use them if you only have basic solid color pads.
You can also use the metal foil lining of mikaira and Lotta on Hey look. 2.
Tissue striped bags you can beautify your gift bags by making these DIY ones and run out of tissue pieces.
Just cut the notes into stripes and stick them to the outside of the bag.
Check out the tutorial for Lexy on the right windmill. 3.
These wreath gift hats are simply wrapped in colored paper on a round frame and glued to the appropriate position.
These are made of cardboard frames, but you can use anything strong enough.
Head to a subtle carnival and let your own instructions. 4.
Printable name tags are an easy way to make gifts more personalized.
You can draw it yourself if you have an artistic inclination, but for the rest of us there are a lot of printable templates to use.
There are many different designs out there, such as Sass & Peril\'s.
You can find more examples on spiced, or search for \"printable holiday name tags\" on Google Images \".
You can also take a look at Yumi\'s free holiday gift tag as well as some of her DIY gift tag ideas. 5.
Everyone has spare buttons, why not make good use of them?
You can tie them to a thin ribbon, tie it to the package like the photo below, or stick them to it if you don\'t. 6.
Accordion name tags make your name tags vertical and fold them into accordion shapes as a quick and easy decoration for gifts.
You can do it yourself for free and they look so much better than regular stores --Bought stickers.
You can design it yourself, if you wish, or download printable templates from sugar and cloth. 7.
Newspaper gift wrap uses old newspapers instead of buying wrapping paper to save a few bucks and make your gift look more unique.
You can easily make them more festive with a festive-themed bow or ribbon.
This is also a good way to wrap a cylindrical or strangely shaped package. 8.
An upward loop of wrapping paper scraping usually has a piece of paper at the end of a roll of wrapping paper that is not the size to wrap anything, but these pieces can be cut into strips and turned into a cute little bow at the top of the package.
The one in the picture is made in an empty foil candy package, but the wrapping paper is OK as well.
Take a look at the tutorial for Zakka Life and learn how to make one. 9.
What you need is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors and some glue or tape to make a beautiful 3D snowflake instead of a bow.
You can use plain white paper or get colorful colors with wrapping paper or your own homemade pattern.
Go to life full of flash, step by step instructions.
What is your favorite DIY gift? wrapping trick?
Share with us in the comments below.
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