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indestructible photo album

by:Dezheng     2020-03-31
Making high-quality DIY custom albums is a fun and easy way to make special souvenirs that can store all the most memorable photos.
I decided to make my photo album with 1/8 aluminum so it can stand the test of time.
This album is an engagement gift for my girlfriend Jenn.
It is filled with a lot of meaningful things.
Very ridiculous)
Photos of our entire relationship
I want to make it in metal so that it can not only last a lifetime, but also represent a huge amount of our love.
For this project, you need:x1)
12 \"x 2\" x 1/8 \"Aluminum U-bracket(x2)12\" x 10.
5 \"aluminum plate **(x2)12\" length x 0.
Piano hinge knuckle diameter 113 (not pictured)(x2)1-
Binding post 1/2 (x10)M2. 5 x 4MM bolts (not pictured)(x5)
Photo album selfie
Tape * I got 12 \"x 12\" aluminum sheets and cut off 1. 5\".
One side alignment of piano hinge length-
A wise edge of U
Stand and fix it in place.
Use the punch press to make 5 marks along the length of the piano hinge.
Drill these marks with 46 drill bits.
Threaded hole, you just need to drill U disk
Bracket with m2. 5 tap.
Repeat the process on the other side of U-
Stand using other piano hinges.
Accurate measurement 0.
4 \"enter from one of the long edges of aluminum U-
Shape, then 2.
35 \"enter from each short edge and make a mark at two intersections using punch holes.
This is the only two holes that have to be completely correct as they need to be aligned with the holes punched on the photo paper.
Given this, you may want to use the actual paper as a guide to double-check the alignment of the mark.
Once you have identified the position of the hole, drill each hole with a 7 bit.
At low drilling speeds, each hole is drilled into about 1/8 depth using a 1/2 end mill.
If you do not have a vertical mill, or are not keen to abuse it slightly for this purpose, you can choose to skip this section.
This is not entirely necessary.
Align the undrilled edges of each piano hinge with one of the 12 edges of the aluminum plate and clip them together.
Similarly, make five marks centered along the hinge and pass through the hinge and sheet with 46 drill bits.
The second hinge and aluminum plate repeat the process.
Use m2 to connect all new hole threads on two sheets of paper. 5 tap.
To get a more perfect look, polish all the components a bit more shiny.
To learn about polished aluminum, check out the finishing class of the gold class. Using M2.
5 bolts to connect the piano hinge to U-
Brackets and aluminum plates using all drilling and threaded.
Collect all album pages and insert a binding post through each page.
Pass the binding post through the appropriate hole in U-channel.
Once passed, thread on the other half of the bound Post.
Fill the album with the print output of the stupid photos you took using the Instagram filter. Or. . .
Just put whatever you want.
Finally, you should make a bunch of lensed postcards and propose to Jenn, but don\'t propose to my Jenn.
She promised me.
Choose a different Jenn.
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