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exomoons may give us first glimpse of habitable worlds

by:Dezheng     2020-04-02
Lisa Grossman\'s satellite, not the planet, may flash in the first habitable world image outside the solar system.
Once taken, these images will provide unprecedented clues about the moon\'s ability to sustain life by providing chemical features carried in the light.
\"If we can go straight
\"Imagine them, we can shoot their spectrum, which means we can determine the molecular types in their atmosphere,\" said Mary Anne Peters of Princeton University . \".
So far, more than 800 planets outside the solar system have been discovered by indirect methods, for example, when a planet passes through its front, it absorbs the dim light of the star.
However, it is difficult to collect the spectra of rocky planets similar in size to Earth by these methods.
The album of planets is thinner & colon;
Only four systems were imaged.
One challenge is that the stars are bright and the planets are dim, so a planet must be far enough away from its stars to avoid being overtaken.
This means that the world that has been imaging orbits outside the habitable zone, the area around the star is warm enough to hold liquid water.
In addition, planets that are bright enough to appear in the photo must glow from the heat formed and therefore too young to hold life.
But if a Moon runs around a giant gas planet similar to Jupiter\'s mature gas, then the planet\'s gravity may continuously squeeze and stretch the moon to keep its interior molten.
As we all know, this process is called tidal heating, which fuels the melting pot of Jupiter moon Io, the most volcanic celestial body in our solar system.
With the heat of the tide, there should be a superenergy phenomenon in the picture.
\"In a sense, what we\'re talking about is that there\'s a way to keep warm in addition to the Starlight,\" said Edwin Turner of Princeton University . \".
\"Even if we can\'t see the planets, it will make us imagine the satellites in the planetary system directly.
To validate the idea, Turner and Peters calculate the temperature at which the current telescope sees the moon.
They found that most of today\'s observatory, such as the Keke telescope in Hawaii or the space telescope,
Telescopes based on the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes should be able to take pictures of the moon, but only if the satellite is around scorching °c.
Future telescopes will be sensitive to carrying satellites in more lives.
Friendly temperature.
For example, the James Webb Space Telescope should be able to see high-temperature external spin tubes at a comfortable 27 °c, as long as their main star is similar to the distance between Saturn or Uranus and the sun.
However, René Heller of the Institute of astrophysical studies in lebuitz, Potsdam, Germany, warned that tidal heating may be detrimental to life.
The same squeezing of heat can also produce adverse seismic activities, such as volcanoes that constantly emit lava and sulfur gas on Io.
\"This may mean that tidal heating does not extend your habitable zone, because once you have enough tidal heating to keep the surface temperature above 0 °c because of these\" hell \"phenomena, you have destroyed any life on the surface, \"said Hile.
Nevertheless, even the moon that is not suitable for life will be a major discovery.
\"We don\'t know that there is a moon outside the solar system,\" Turner said . \".
\"We don\'t know if satellites in the solar system are unusual or unusual.
This is exploration-just find out what\'s out there.
\"This new study does come up with the tempting possibility that we already have a photo of exomoon.
One of the planets directly imaged, Fomalhaut B, is at the center of the controversy about whether it is really a planet, in part because it has an unusual orbit.
Turner believes that this world of weird behavior may be the first Earth to be directly imaged, and its orbit may be due to the path of the moon around an invisible world.
Magazine reference and colon; arxiv. org/abs/1209.
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