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environmentalists fail in effort to give plastic grocery bags the sack

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
Plastic grocery bags, those of light, rough transport that have appeared in supermarkets in Southern California over the past few years, have apparently withstood the movement of eco-activists and will stay here.
In last November, the California opposition waste group launched a campaign to have its 35,000 members write to local supermarkets about their preference for paper bags.
\"We don\'t find much (plastic bags)
It is objectionable that we find paper advanced products because they are biodegradable and recyclable, \"said Amy Lethbridge, California citizen lobby coordinator for opposition to waste. The plastic \"T-
Because of their color and shape, it may be more permanent to be called \"shirt bag.
Lethbridge says the United States has 25 billion grocery bags a year, and 3 billion in California alone.
\"If these are all plastic, it will have a huge impact on our landfill,\" she said . \".
While it is difficult to estimate how many letters have actually been sent to supermarkets, she said, \"from the letters we received, the campaign has been successful.
Many people from all over the country are writing to our store.
\"However, large chain stores like Ralphs, Vons and Safeway report that since the bag was introduced, the letters from consumers complaining about the bag have fallen instead of pouring in.
\"Now we have only received some complaints,\" said Charles Gray, vice president of Ralphs, on January . \".
\"People who want plastic far away (outnumber)
No one. . . .
We are not going to give up one for another.
Now both provide us with a balance.
\"Plastic also provides a lower cost for grocery stores.
Paper bags are estimated to be 15% to 20% more expensive than plastic, while the cost of kraft paper bags producing paper bags rose 30% last year.
Sonoko Products Co. , Ltd.
A plastic bag manufacturer located in HartsvilleC.
At present, it is estimated that 50% of all chain stores in Southern California provide plastic bags, compared with only 36% in the state.
But shoppers can often choose between the two.
City and elderly shoppers who walk to shops or have to rely on public transport prefer plastic bags, which have strong handles for easy carrying.
Shop operators find it easyto-
The carrying bag also helps to reduce the loss of the shopping basket, which is a huge expense for the supermarket.
After the groceries arrived home, the waterproof plastic also made a free, sturdy garbage bag. Auto-
However, shoppers in the suburbs tend to avoid plastic because they say the bags will fall in the trunk of the car, so the groceries will overflow.
Due to the small capacity of plastic bags, their price advantage tends to disappear, because packaging orders may require more plastic bags than traditional ones.
But it is cost savings that will \"drive the transformation of plastics in other parts of the country,\" Sonoko said \".
\"The company estimates that plastic grocery bags will account for 65% to 70% of the national market by 1988.
\"The West Coast market is more equal ---
There are more chain stores of the same size and same resources competing for the same customers, \"H.
Gordon Dansey, general manager of polysack division at Sonoco.
\"This is different from the rest of the country, where, in most cases, one or two large chains dominate a particular market.
When the competition is more intense, there is more motivation to do more innovation.
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