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Easy Upcycled Leather Journal

by:Dezheng     2020-04-12
Have you ever longed for the expensive leather magazines in the bookstore?
They are usually expensive, and making handmade leather magazines is often considered intermediate or advanced.
Here is a simple leather magazine that loops up and you can make it in about 30 minutes.
It is beautiful, can be refilled and very cheap, made in a frugal way
Your own store jacket or old leather jacket.
Find an old jacket with materials you like.
Make sure it has six buttonholes.
I found mine at a thrift store for $2, but there may be one behind your closet.
Be sure to like this leather.
You will be able to make this diary from the buttonhole side and have enough leftover leather for further gaming adventures.
Use straight edges to draw a line on top of the jacket and above the buttonhole.
Keep as straight as possible and keep as much leather as possible above the buttonhole.
Use sharp scissors to cross the top as much as possible.
It doesn\'t matter if you have extra material;
You can adjust the size of your book later.
There are two horizontal cuts on the jacket.
Now cut along the side so you have a rectangle with more or less six buttonholes.
You can cut your sleeves straight.
Don\'t worry about the seams;
They add luster to the beautiful design!
Draw a line in the middle of the buttonhole three to four, slowly and evenly through it, dividing the rectangle into two.
Trim off any lining and lining.
Also trim off any troublesome bits that may be left behind.
In my case, you will remember that the first buttonhole was about 1/4 \"from the top of the jacket \".
Put the two pieces together so that the eye is aligned.
Important: remember to turn the second piece over so that there will be a beautiful side face outside.
Measure the same distance above the second buttonhole so that it can be perfectly aligned with the first buttonhole.
Draw a beautiful straight line with your ruler.
Slowly pass through and create a beautiful straight line for your back.
Put one on the other.
I like to use the top of the jacket with finish as the top.
Check how the two pieces are installed and trim any edges that don\'t exactly match. Work slowly.
Many jackets fit, so you may have some curves.
If so, don\'t worry.
Enjoy the change :).
Cut a few narrow strips of more than 1/4 from a piece of scrap.
Cut more than you need so you can choose what you like best.
Cut slowly and straight as much as possible.
Buy yourself a stack of paper.
I like to use good-
Good quality unlined paper but you can choose lining paper, watercolor paper, drawing paper, printing paper, recycled paper-
Or any combination of these!
Measure the paper so it can be placed on the cover of the magazine.
You can cut as many pieces of paper as you want.
Remember, you can add and remove paper at any time!
Cross the tip of the pencil through the middle of each buttonhole to mark where you will punch.
Some jackets have three eyelets. hole-punched paper.
It\'s cool when it works!
I need to make a hole in my case. Mark carefully.
I\'m using a hand punch here, but if you have threehole-
It\'s better to play pun.
Punch holes in all your log pages.
Put your strap through the hole and make a nice square knot: right above the left and right above the left.
Don\'t be tight because the page needs to be opened and closed.
Leave a little.
Repeat each hole once.
If you want, tie the hole with the ribbon of your choice.
The waxed linens shown here with wooden beads are also great.
If your diary looks too fragile to write and draw, cut a piece of shirt cardboard or mat to fit well on the back and apply glue.
Make sure there is smooth glue on all edges and press it down with force. That\'s it! You are done!
In less than 30 minutes you have created your own high
Leather Magazine with replaceable page.
This magazine is very beautiful and practical.
This is a great gift and a great introduction to gaming! Enjoy!
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