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creepy collection of victorian christmas cards feature sinister snowmen, dead robins and a santa kidnapping a child

by:Dezheng     2020-04-08
This creepy Victoria Christmas greeting card series proves that festivals are not always red
Santa Claus, red wine and Turkey.
From killing snowman to kidnapping Santa Claus, this series of nineteen
The century season card reveals the distorted side of Christmas.
Today, we look forward to happy families and Christmas pudding appearing on the cards, but Victorian people are intoxicated with their strange and often creepy strange things.
In Britain, Sir Henry Cole began the custom of sending Christmas cards in 1843.
Cole is a senior civil servant
New \"Public Records Office \"-
Modern post office.
In order to encourage more people to use the Public Record Office, Sir Henry and his friend artist John Husley came up with the idea of a Christmas card.
These three creepy snowmen will not appear inappropriate in horror films, but snowmen appearing on Victorian Christmas cards.
The esque print appearing from the center snowman\'s abdomen is not a gratifying scene either. This German-
The 1900 language Christmas card showed a Krampus kidnapping child.
According to folklore, halfgoat, half-
During Christmas, the demon will visit the children and punish those who misbehave.
A frightened child protected himself from the damage of about 1900 large EMUs with a strange \"Christmas\" card.
Considering this rare bird, it is likely to be Australia\'s Christmas card.
A dead bird lying on its back
Popular Christmas card, 1880 s.
The terrible message is: \"May your Christmas be happy.
\"For Christmas cards, an egg with no head on both arms and legs is a strange choice.
They are likely to leave from Easter and decide to take advantage of them.
In this bizarre work of art, a frightened child was thrown into Santa\'s bag.
At present, it is not clear whether this is a children\'s card designed to warn them not to have bad behavior, nor whether this is designed for adults under dream pressure --
Free celebration
The four screaming cats seem to annoy a man in the bedroom.
The congratulatory message said: \"In the silver accent, the whisper is low
Happy Christmas!
\"Two love birds sat on the sled and slid down the hillside with chicken heads on their shoulders.
This card was made in London, about 1880
Headquartered in Raphael Tucker and his son company.
Another creepy Krampus creation wrote: \"Krampus greetings! \" -
This time he was behind the steering wheel of a strange car.
The girl in his sack is probably a bad guy who gets Christmas punishment.
A boneless goat looks at a child who eats apples in an orchard.
It is believed that this goat is Krampus and he is visiting a child who eats apples from a tree without permission.
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