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corrugated paperboard - types and uses

by:Dezheng     2020-07-05
Corrugated box is one of the most commonly used transportation packaging forms in the world today.
The raw material used in this form of packaging is corrugated cardboard (
Or just \"Board \")
, It is produced in a variety of ways and specifications to meet the requirements of corrugated packaging and corrugated transport materials for specific products and their supply chains, from the beginning of the factory to the door of the consumer.
In the United States alone, 95% of consumer goods are shipped in corrugated boxes, and 75% of the boxes are recycled each year.
The basic principle is to use the combination of paper and adhesive at different levels of heat and pressure;
It allows the production of various types of products with varying degrees of strength, weight and durability.
Corrugated Board starts with basic padding (
Also called cardboard;
Where did the name come from)
In the huge volume.
The wave paper shown below is called the corrugated medium between the straight paper (
And the straight paper on both sides of the wave is padded).
Common Types and uses of corrugated cardboard
Surface corrugated board: glue a single liner to the corrugated medium to form a single linerCardboard.
This is very common in the packaging of fine porcelain, light bulbs, etc. Single-
Wall Corrugated board: two liners are attached to both sides of the corrugated material to form a singleCardboard.
This is the simplest and most widely used form of packaging when shipping various plastic products and food.
This is the box that consumers often encounter in their daily life. Double-
Double-wall corrugated board: When another layer of corrugated material is added to the single lining
Cardboard, the resulting product is both stronger and shock absorbingCardboard.
This form is heavier and more expensive and is usually used to ship/transport electrical appliances such as bulk packaged food, materials such as nails and rivets, TVs and DVD players, and even furniture.
Three times for larger and heavier goods
Produce wall corrugated board in the same way.
The production of corrugated board is specially designed to meet the requirements of the product.
Producers typically design cardboard for each specific product type based on transport requirements, weight and strength, and impact absorption performance.
The production of corrugated cardboard is briefly described as follows; 1-
The first straight liner is expanded and heated. 2-
The paper then passes through the high pressure steam to make it soft and soft. 3-
Then, in order to create the ridge, the film is passed between a team leader\'s sprocket (or flutes).
This process forms the \"corrugated medium\" of the wave \". 4-
Then apply the glue to one side (
In the case of singleCardboard)
Or both sides (in single-Cardboard)
Of a wave medium. 5-
The pad sheet is then expanded and glued to one or both sides of the corrugated medium to form a single-face or single-Cardboard. 6-
More corrugated media and padded layers are added to form a double layer
Classification of corrugated board.
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