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charging for paper bags

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
To the editor: \"Is it paper or plastic?
There is a plan in the city for you to say no to both \"(
News articles, April 23)
About the New York City Council\'s approval to impose nickel on paper bags after banning single status across the state
Using a plastic bag: paper is part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Paper is recyclable, packable, reusable, made from renewable resource trees that capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.
By weight, more paper is recovered from urban waste logistics than the sum of glass, plastic and aluminum. About two-
Including paper bags, the third energy source for paper making comes from renewable carbon
It\'s not fossil fuel, it\'s neutral biomass.
About 88% of the water used to make paper bags is sent back to the waterway after treatment.
The water discharged from the manufacture of paper bags must comply with the strict standards of the Clean Water Act and national water quality standards.
Stories of environmental success should be encouraged instead of being punished by taxes
Action of a heavy burden
The citizens of work, which increase the cost of basic necessities, do not affect the low in proportionIncome citizens.
The author is chairman and chief executive officer of the American Forest and Paper Association.
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