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cape may restaurants with the most health code violations

by:Dezheng     2020-06-29
Mark Mueller, senior media, New Jersey | NJ.
Reporter Mark Mueller discussed how we analyzed violations of the health code in dozens of restaurants.
Mark Mueller, senior media, New Jersey | NJ.
We looked at the inspection report for January.
2014, but for each restaurant, we only used the latest reports provided to us at the beginning of this year.
In some cases, the most recent inspection report date was 2014.
What is our deadline? We include eight or more restaurants that violate the rules in order to keep the quantity we emphasize under control.
If we drop to seven, six, five, it adds dozens of restaurants to the list to make the background even more blurry.
Finally, we landed in 20 restaurants with the most health violations.
After inspection, the restaurant was given one of three ratings of satisfaction, conditional satisfaction or unsatisfactory.
Most of the restaurants we see are rated as satisfactory as they are generally in line with the New Jersey food regulations.
If the restaurant has repeated violations or serious problems, such as a refrigerator that does not keep the food at 41 degrees or lower, the restaurant will get a conditional satisfaction rating.
In this case they have to repair or replace the equipment and need to be reinstalledinspection.
None of the restaurants we visited were rated as unsatisfactory, which meant that a restaurant posed a direct threat to the public.
It may not have hot water, or it may have persistent problems with pests.
It is worth noting that the inspection provides a snapshot of restaurant compliance with the health code and does not necessarily reflect the compliance or cleanliness of the restaurant over the years.
There are indeed fluctuations in violations, and some are corrected on the spot.
Comments about the restaurant were recorded verbatim from the inspection report.
Mark Mueller, senior media, New Jersey | NJ.
Address: 524 Washington Street
Inspection Report Date: 5/8/2015 violation: 8 evaluation: satisfaction inspector comment: \"Frass is on the top of the Wash (
Insect feces)
From cockroaches.
The area should be cleaned daily at the end of the day and do not leave any cleaning overnight on the second day of business.
Three condenser unit covers are missing from the refrigeration unit.
They have food splashes and grease residues on exposed machines and cabinets.
These are the main cockroaches that need to be thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned and disinfected and replaced with the lid.
The fan of the double wide refrigerator has mold and dust particles.
Open containers are under these blowers, and there is a risk of contamination.
The wood cutting board was not disinfected.
All counters in the kitchen should be cleaned and disinfected every 4 hours between use and preparation of poultry, chicken, fish and meat.
The wipes are stored at the counter and in the work space, without the benefit of sanitizing the solution.
Wiping cloth can cultivate bacteria from bare hands and food.
There is an employee nasal spray on the shelf in the refrigerator.
Unless placed in a separate container, nasal sprays cross-pollute the food in the refrigerator.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
ComCape May Fish market Address: 408 MallInspection, Washington Street Report Date: 9/22/2015 violations: 8 evaluation: Comments from satisfaction inspectors: \"No clam bar/seafood market area
On the floor between the preparation and the sink, there is a box of brown potatoes directly on the floor.
Got wet from the floor.
All food should be stored at least 6 inch from the ground to prevent moisture and dirt.
The bleach solution for cold sandwich bain wet wipes is measured over 200 ppm.
Too much bleach is toxic to humans.
Burns the skin and lungs.
It will dig metal and break down the fabric.
There is an ice machine outside the protected area.
The ice spoon is placed on the top of the ice machine, which is dirty and dirty to touch.
The red spice container on the Cooking line contains a small round condiment cup for distribution.
This is forbidden.
The hand can touch the edge surface of the cup and pollute it.
Once the cup is put back in the spice mixture, the food will also be contaminated.
This can only be avoided if the utensils with handles are stored on the ingredients.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
ComDellas 5 & 10 address: MallInspection, Washington Street Report Date: 4/14/2016 violations: 8 evaluation: Comments from satisfied inspectors: \"Some substances like mold are piled upO-
Automatic ice machine.
Ice making machines must be cleaned and disinfected according to the manufacturer\'s instructions, which can be found on the lower side of the front cover.
The large stainless steel tea container is being rinsed and cleaned in the mop sink.
The mop or utility sink is strictly used for wastewater and the equipment shall not be cleaned or disinfected in this sink.
Plastic utensils stored in the Coke cup next to the hand washing station are exposed to splashing water when washing hands and must be placed in a clean and dry position.
Raw eggs are stored in the units where Saturn arrives and can be eaten with lettuce and other foods.
The eggs were moved to the bottom shelf.
There is a large amount of soil and dirt residue in the hand sanitizer compartments in the three bay sinks.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Bill\'s Pancake House Address: 261 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 4/30/2015 violation: 8 evaluation: comment from the satisfaction inspector: \"A large box of butter was missed at the toast station.
The amount of butter is 70 * f.
Put the butter back in the refrigerator for cold storage.
The kitchen sink next to the grill is filled with a rag in a bucket of bleach solution.
The sink was blocked. It was removed.
Wash your hands frequently.
50% of food-borne diseases are caused by unclean hands.
The paper towel dispenser next to the toaster ran out of paper towels.
The rag in front of the counter is in soapy water and there is no disinfectant water.
Pre-test the small ananti refrigeration unit of 60 * f.
The device is adjusted to a colder temperature.
The correct temperature should be below 41 * f.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Ireland bar and GrillAddress at ComDelaney: 400 MallInspection, Washington Street Report Date: 5/25/2016 violations: 9 reviews: Comments from satisfaction inspectors: \"It is observed that raw burgers are processed directly by cooking online, then prepare the burger with the same gloves and prepare ready-to-eat food including lettuce and rolls.
With a steam thermometer, the roast chicken breast placed in a plastic container at the top of the steam table on the Cooking line was checked and the internal temperature was found to be 108-122F.
Chicken is banned in the garbage and discarded voluntarily. Chicken if pre-
In order to speed up the preparation of menu items, it must be kept refrigerated (41F and below)
Or heat at a temperature of 135F or above.
Shellfish brought from the Cape include oysters and clams that may be on the fish market across the road (
Institutions with the same owner as Delaney)
However, they did not have a record of the shellfish label that Delaney kept.
The Cape fish market retains its label.
A copy of the shellfish label in the container that packs oysters or clams must be copied and kept in Delaney\'s file at all times.
This process must begin immediately!
A can of surprise flying insect killers is stored in the 2nd-story bar area near the food storage area.
In New Jersey, only licensed pesticide applicants can use any pesticide in food establishments.
Many utensils were observed between the devices and contained old food scraps.
Vessels must be stored on a clean surface, in hot and cold food, or in containers with hot water above 135F.
The fluorescent tubes located right above the pizza and other food preparation areas lack a protective cover and the bulbs are not coated or otherwise protected and do not break.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Hotel Address: 1327 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 6/4/2015 violation: 9 Evaluation: satisfaction inspector\'s comment: \"The flour stored in the large plastic pan in the rear preparation room found that there were old food residues.
Once in contact with raw animal food, coating or breading such as flour or breadcrumbs should be discarded within 4 hours of initial use, or refrigerated, unless removed for immediate use.
Hand sanitizer is located in the preparation sink in the kitchen, which indicates that hand washing is being done here instead of washing the sink.
The amount of oatmeal in the refrigerator is 102 * F.
The picture shows that the staff put the hot items on the counter to cool, and then put them in the fridge.
It was observed that the staff made soup, put it in a large bucket, and wrapped it tightly with a gauze cage.
Once the cooked/Hot hold item reaches 135 * F or less, the cooling process begins.
Food should be cooled from the temperature of 135 * F to 70 * F in the first two hours and then from 70 * F to 41 * F in the next 4 hours.
The refrigerator did not measure the appropriate temperature and it was observed that items such as marscarpone dessert and vanilla ice cream were melting.
The unit was a problem, said PIC, voluntarily discarded the item and closed the unit.
In the preparation room at the back of the smaller beverage air Bain Mary, toast/bread counter, it was observed that there were black stains and burnt on the cutting board.
Once the cutting boards are severely despised and contaminated, they will no longer be able to clean and disinfect effectively and should be re-surface or replaced.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Address: 107-COMRA113 Grant St. (
Inside the hotel)
Inspection Report Date: 9/10/2015 violations: 9 Evaluation: Comments from the satisfaction inspector: \"The stove and grill drip tray have food residue and grease from the night before.
The staff explained that the pot was empty on Sunday night.
These pots will be emptied at the end of each cooking day.
Leave a large amount of food debris, thus creating an environment for insects and breeding bacteria.
The Caesar dressing in the refrigerator is made of full-shell eggs without pasteurized.
Whenever uncooked eggs are served in the Netherlands, Berawa, tiramisu and other places, pasteurized eggs are required. stated below.
The dressing is discarded and replaced with a vinegar-based dressing.
Cut vegetables are stored for a walk in the refrigerator on the 50 th floor.
The walk-in door is not closed properly and the gasket is black with mold and breakage.
Fixed: all cut fruits and vegetables were transferred to the larger steps in the fridge. Bug light is located on a working oven at the door of the oven.
Dead flies spill from the bottom of the lamp, endangering food in the oven.
The chef does not wear hair care.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Address of Comtisha: 322 Washington Street
Inspection Report Date: 6/15/2015 violation: 10 evaluation: satisfaction inspector\'s comment: \"The Roast Turkey of the previous day was held in a double wide refrigerator on a cooking line with an internal temperature of 55F
This barbecue should be cooled to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in 2 hours and then to 41 degrees Fahrenheit in 4 hours.
Cooling should be done by breaking down to smaller parts, covering with ice, or putting in an explosive cooler.
Frozen seafood bags are placed in a container in the sink.
No other activity/use is authorized except to wash your hands in the sink.
No hot water in public bathroom.
The bathroom was also used by the staff.
All hand sinks are required to provide at least 90 F to 110F of water.
Counters and food preparation surfaces are stored with used wipes.
The cloth will be kept in a sanitized solution to prevent bacteria from breeding in the hands and in the food and cross-contamination of the food to contact the surface.
There is no hood for the prepared chef.
In the process of handling food, wear a headscarf, net or hat to prevent hair sacs containing S.
S. aureus or other contaminants that fall off and breed from food.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Concabanas beach bar and GrillAddress: 429 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 4/14/2016 violation: 10 evaluation: comment from the satisfaction inspector: \"It was observed that the bar staff cut the fruit decorated with the drink with their bare hands.
The inspector went over and explained that the fruit was considered edible.
When cutting fruit, wash the peel and put the gloves on your hands.
Since the container is almost empty, the chemical dishwasher measures 0 ppm bleach.
The new container replaced the old one.
There was old ketchup in the opener last week.
There is no soap in the chemical dishwasher.
The container is dry.
A new container is placed on the machine.
The sushi station has a new bare wooden rack that can easily absorb moisture.
Bare wood shall be sealed to meet the requirements of the contact surface of the food to be cleaned.
The two bars have no sign of staff washing their hands. There is no staff wash sign for men\'s toilets.
The kitchen sink does not have a hand wash sign for the designated sink.
The inspector provided the appropriate logo.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Hotel Address: 501 Beach Avenue. (
In the Lafayette Hotel)
Inspection Report Date: 6/10/2016 violation: 11 evaluation: satisfaction Inspector comments: \"Large pot clam chowder 2-door reach-
In the refrigerator, the center of the container is measured at 55 degrees F.
Discussions with the kitchen pictures show that the soup has been cooling since last night.
The temperature is about taken.
It\'s about three o\'clock P. M.
18 hours after the product is put into the refrigerator.
Hot food should be cooled within 6 hours.
Food handlers observed that they wore gloves without washing their hands first.
No paper towels are provided in the sink closest to the cooking line.
Potential dangerous food in turbine air M3 cold plate refrigerator46 deg F.
Although the air temperature of the unit was measured at 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the inspection, the unit did not seem to be able to keep the food at or below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
Repeat the violation.
The unit has been removed from the premises.
New cold plate unit (U-Star)
Purchase and maintain proper temperature.
The side door of the kitchen was held open during the inspection.
If this door is kept open for ventilation, a screen door is required to prevent insects from entering.
The facility lacks a mop sink for handling mop water and other maintenance tasks.
Mark Miller, senior media, New JerseycomCione (
Best handmade ice cream in Italy)
Address: 315 Ocean Street
, Unit 10 Inspection Report Date: 9/5/2014 violations: 11 evaluation: Comments from satisfaction inspectors: \"The washing sink located in the back room of the institution is blocked by plastic boxes inside and around the sink
Hand washing sinks should always be available for food handlers throughout the service.
There is no paper towel or drying device in the sink of the rear room and bathroom.
Equipment such as table top and sausage mixing (sic)
It was observed that the utensils were not clean and exposed to the old food residue.
Utensils and internal organs (sic)
Must not be stored in the area used for cleaning equipment.
The countertop should be cleaned and disinfected frequently, or cleaned and disinfected after the food is ready.
Observe a large bag of ingredients stored on the floor of the storage room.
Food should be stored on carts, pallets or shelves that lift them from the ground to prevent spills, leaks and cross-contamination of pests.
The mechanism has a worn-out sponge for washing equipment in three compartment sinks.
If the equipment contains bacteria and microorganisms, sponge cleaning equipment shall not be used.
All three frozen units observed had ice cream chips and spills piled up inside.
Throughout the food preparation area and the storage room behind the facilities, old food scraps, debris, spills can be seen on the floor.
The ground should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of pests in buildings.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Magnolia Room address: 301 Howard Street(
Hotel in Chavant)
Inspection Report Date: 6/19/2015 violation: 11 evaluation: satisfaction Inspector comments: \"Fresh fish is installed in the kitchen 3 Bay sink.
Dirt is piled up around the edges of the sink, taps and drain pipes.
Before and after putting food into the sink, the sink should be scrubbed and disinfected and always kept in smooth contact and clear cleaning.
The exhaust fan in the cleaning room is completely covered by the black long hair of the accumulated soot, dust and debris.
All parts of the unit should be cleaned, scrubbed and kept dust free.
Drink nozzles and holsters in 2 bars have slag and mold build up.
These should be cleaned and disinfected every day when used.
The ice maker has a mold build-up and tape to hold the parts together.
The tape is damp and moldy and is not allowed in food places.
All surfaces should be smooth and not absorbent.
This device should be cleaned and disinfected and tape removed.
The grill guard adjacent to the fryer has lumps of grease deposits and a grill and handle.
These will be treated and scrubbed clean with no food and grease residue.
The walk in the refrigerator door washer has black mold and debris accumulation.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Hotel Address: 1048 Washington Street. (
On the grounds of Physick Manor)
Inspection Report Date: 9/25/2014 violation: 11 evaluation: satisfaction inspector\'s comment: \"Half of the chicken breast stored at the top of the Bain Mary pot cover measured 62 F
Corrective action: the chicken breast is thrown away immediately.
Potentially dangerous food cannot be stored at the top of the Bain Mary plug-in because when stored here, the device is not intended to cool the food to 41 F or less.
Food should be kept in the pan by bain marie to keep it 41 F or less.
Bread racks for bread and boxed potato chips were observed on the floor of the barn.
All the food is stored on the floor. Pre-
The wrapped baked bread and sandwich label is incorrect. All pre-
Food packaged on site shall be marked with the name, address or telephone number and ingredients of the food agency.
Hair restrictions were not observed on all employees.
Employees who handle food extensively should wear appropriate headrest such as hats, sun shades, head nets or headscarves and clean equipment and supplies.
Waiting for staff is tax free.
Individual trash cans in women\'s toilet stalls are not covered and should be covered for hygiene purposes.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Hotel Address: 727 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 7/25/2016 violation: 11 evaluation: conditionally satisfied with the inspector\'s comment: \"There are countless flies in the kitchen and service area.
Traps and precautions such as front air screens or screen doors must be used to control flies.
On my arrival, the staff, chefs all put on gloves to check and did not wash their hands first.
The following potentially dangerous foods are not 41 f or colder: 1.
Raw eggs (8-10 flatts)
Sat on the floor at room temperature and measured 79F.
All the eggs were voluntarily discarded in the trash bin by the owner\'s staff. 2.
Mocha Cream Cheese measurement at the top of the beverage air cold plate 44-45F.
Ambient air measurement of the device 43-45F.
Mr. owner adjusted the unit thermostat.
When re-checking after 30 minutes, the product temperature is still measured to 44-45F.
The unit must be repaired and the cold temperature can be maintained.
The front hand washing station was full of dirty tableware, and the hand washing station observed that the staff were cleaning the tableware.
All equipment was transferred to the wash sink in the back kitchen and the staff were told that the sink was strictly for hand washing only and not for other purposes.
Designated hand wash stations located in the front service area, staff restroom or rear preparation area do not have paper towels available.
The staff is using a coffee filter or a regular towel to dry their hands, and according to the owner, he has a new tissue dispenser in a day or two.
Paper towels must be provided at all hand washing stations.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
ComFins bar GrilleAddress: 142 Decatur Street.
Inspection Report Date: 11/30/2015 violations: 12 evaluation: satisfaction inspector\'s comment: \"Caesar dressing is being made with uncooked full-shell eggs that may contain salmonella.
Kitchen staff are not aware of the law to replace recipes without cooked shell eggs with pasteurized egg products to avoid an outbreak of salmonella.
5 gallons of homemade chili and seafood chowder soup downstairs with half open lid.
These menus were made yesterday. The temperature today is 57-58*f.
This indicates improper cooling.
The food should be 41 * f within 6 hours.
These foods have been in the danger zone for so long that there are so many bacteria and toxins in the food that can make people sick.
The food was destroyed.
There is no hand sanitizer for hand washing in the soap dispenser of the men\'s toilet.
This dispenser is not allowed to run out.
50% of food-borne diseases are caused by unclean hands! ! ! !
The chicken wings bus pan stored in the walk of the refrigeration unit downstairs was found and exposed to pollution.
The ice spoon is stored on the top of the ice maker, a dusty unclean surface.
It should be stored in a clean, washable container outside the ice.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Address: 301 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 2/4/2015 violations: 12 evaluation: Comments from satisfactory inspectors: \"food debris was observed piled up under the equipment and on the walls around the cooking line.
Facilities should be maintained to prevent harassment of pests/rodents.
Food debris accumulation was observed outside Bain Mary\'s door.
Non-food contact surfaces should be cleaned at the same frequency and care as the food contact surfaces.
It was observed to wipe the cloth on the countertop without disinfection solution.
Only wet wipes saturated with a proper concentration of disinfection solution can be used to wipe the food in use to contact the surface.
When not used to wipe the food to contact the surface, the wipe cloth should be stored in a bucket of disinfectant solution.
No hand wash sign in single room.
All sinks must be marked for food handlers.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Hotel Address: 425 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 11/18/2015 violations: 12 reviews: Comments from satisfaction inspectors: \"frozen turkey breasts sitting on the three compartment sink \'thaw \'counter were observed.
Food should not be thawed at room temperature.
Food should be thawed under cold storage, completely submerged in tap water at 70 * F or lower temperatures, or as part of the cooking process.
There are food debris accumulation in the microwave cavity and outside the microwave cavity.
A fly sticky trap placed above the storage dry area of the cleaning device was observed.
Insect Control devices shall not be placed above cleaning equipment or utensils, food preparation areas, cleaning linens or unpacked disposable use items.
Fresh mozzarella cheese and other open food in the refrigerator do not indicate the opening date.
The food should be marked with an opening date so that the staff knows when the product will be used.
At room temperature, ranch dressing was observed at the counter of the back kitchen.
Although the ranch is pre-processed
Packaged food, refrigerated after opening, with clear instructions on the seasoning bottle.
The temperature is 60 * F.
All potential dangerous foods should be kept in a cold storage condition of 41 * F or below at all times.
A bowl of flour for pizza dough was observed on the preparation table of the back kitchen.
Pile up observation bowls with dry grain.
The inspector observed the same situation during the initial inspection on Monday.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Address: 7 Gurney Street
Inspection Report Date: 5/28/2015 violation: 13 evaluation: satisfaction Inspector comments: \"soap is not supplied in the sink.
The dry ingredients food container is covered with dirt, grease and food residue.
These are voluntarily abandoned.
The meat cutter has food piled up throughout the machine.
A large amount of food debris and grease is piled up on the floor connected by the back door and the dough mixer.
The walls of the cleaning room pile up grease and food residue behind the prep desk and the pastry machine.
There are three freezers, a refrigerator and an ice machine behind the building.
These are exposed to elements, birds, pests and tampering.
The area will be closed and a covering/roof is provided to fully protect the unit in which food is stored.
The wipe cloth is placed on the food contact surface and other cleaning areas, and should not be placed in a disinfection solution during use.
A knife, pizza cutter and spatula are stored in the seam between Bain Mary and the wall.
The food taken out of the tableware is packed into the seams, which results in bacterial growth and is not a clean surface for storing food contact utensils.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
ComIsland GrillAddress: building 311
Inspection Report Date: 7/14/2016 violation: 15 evaluation: conditional satisfaction Inspector comments: \"mold/mildew accumulation inside the ice machine door and at the top of the ice room,
The washing sink next to the food prep sink in the kitchen fell off the wall and was not replaced.
The container for raw chicken is stored above the cooked beef ribs and cooked octopus and placed for a walk in the refrigerator.
The packaging of raw fish is stored in the same trash can together with the cooked octopus.
Raw food animal food should be stored separately from ready-to-eat food or lower than ready-to-eat food to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of ready-to-eat food.
The refrigerator in the kitchen is measured to have an air temperature of up to 50F and the freezer room is working properly.
The operating temperature of the refrigeration equipment shall be 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
The refrigerator shall be operated/repaired to provide the air temperature of 41 f and shall be replaced or removed from the facility.
On request, all food that may be harmful in the refrigerator is discarded.
Along the walls under the 3-room sink, dishwasher and spray sink, the tiles at the seams of the floor wall are no longer attached to the wall, exposing the inner wall bolts and insulation, creating
Half and half of the Frigidaire household refrigerator was measured at 48F.
Avocado puree in Frigidaire home refrigerator is measured at 45F.
All the potentially dangerous food in the fridge was discarded.
Mark Miller, senior media, New Jersey
Hotel Address: 1035 Beach Avenue.
Inspection Report Date: 8/26/2014 violation: 18 evaluation: comment from satisfaction inspector: \"raw eggs are used for Dutch sauce for breakfast.
If the restaurant is provided with raw eggs by law, pasteurized egg products should be used.
The wall behind the dishwasher has black mold growth at the seams of the tiles.
This also gives off the smell of mold and is not allowed to pile up in the kitchen.
The floor in the kitchen dropped food and grease for more than a day\'s work.
This will cause slipping and attract pests.
Drag the floor every day.
The walls and seals of both refrigerated passages have peeling paint and rust.
Pieces of paint will fall on the food and pollute the food.
The top of the dishwasher includes a small box mounted on the top with grease and dirt inside.
Touch and dirty hands are not clean.
There are some old spilled food in the fridge.
The container can also be placed inside these units, and the cutting mixer has old splattered food and flour on it.
Old spilled food and crumbs are placed on the counters and shelves throughout the kitchen.
\"View the inspection report for each restaurant and click on the name of the restaurant.
At the same time, you can also enjoy the bird view map of Cape May.
501 Marquis Beach (
Hotel in Lafayette)
Blue Moon pizzacabbeach beach bar and GrillCape May Fish market House Cafe and tea room (
On the grounds of Physick Manor)
CioneDelaney\'s Irish Bar and GrillDellas fin bar and GrilleGeorge\'s PlaceIsland GrillLa corridor restaurant (
Alcott in Hotel)
PizzaPier HouseSeaSalt restaurant in Louis (
Hotel at Ocean Club)
Magnolia House (
In the hotel charfonte)
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