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canadian animal paper bag puppets

by:Dezheng     2020-06-28
Paper bags are the perfect base for puppets
They are cheap and easy to find, the right size for small hands.
Download and print our six Canadian animals (
Fox, polar bear, beaver, moose, owl and tits)
Glue to decorate the paper bag. That\'s it!
Once the children assemble their own puppets, they can create and perform their own puppet performances.
Perfect for imaginative games!
You need: Canadian animal puppet print (PDF)
Paper bag crayons, markers or Scissors Glue stick or white glue, stickers, towels, craft foam and other decorations (optional)Instructions:1.
Download and print Canadian animal puppet prints (PDF).
Click on the picture to open the PDF. 2.
Color the animals and cut them off. 3.
Fold the paper bag.
Stick the head of each animal to the bottom flap of the paper bag, and the chin is right on the bottom edge. 4.
Stick the body of each animal to the front of the paper bag.
Position the upper edge under the animal\'s chin. 5.
Decorate your puppets with cotton balls, feathers, towels, stickers or whatever you like. 6.
It\'s time to play!
Put your hand in the paper bag-
Curl and move your fingers and let the animal\'s head move.
Play a puppet show, play a story, or just play!
The best thing about these puppets is that they can be used over and over again.
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