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a jug of wine, a loaf of bread —and a brown bag

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
Jill gerstonjune 21, 1974 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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After the winter break, the brown bag once again became the most popular accessory in summer.
Oh, not chic brown vinyl satchel with designer initials, but plain brown paper bags-
The one you brought lunch. Brown‐bagging (i. e.
, Take lunch from home to a takeaway shop, eat at your desk)
There are all seasons of the year, but in the warm weather, it can flourish when lunch lovers go to nearby parks and squares for dinner.
Summer is also time to eat, and bags filled with celery stems, carrot sticks and cooked eggs replace the dining table filled with high-calorie hot food.
The economy is the main motive behind it.
\"How can I eat so little?
Asked a businessman, he brought a homemade hero sandwich, a piece of fruit, and a piece of Sarah Li pound cake to the office.
In addition to saving money, Brown bagging saves time, and enthusiasts say it is more \"convenient\", \"relaxed\" and \"nutritious\" than eating in restaurants \".
What is the typical brown bag?
Almost everything, from last night\'s leftovers to roast beef at a nearby deli. (
According to Louis Lepp, regional manager at Charles & Co.
Roast beef is the most popular sandwich, second in Turkey, third in ham and cheese.
Tuna is the first choice for salad. )
Advertising them from all walks of life who is the typical Brown-baggers?
Almost anyone, from construction worker school teachers to students with summer jobs, to stockbrokers with a five-digit salary.
\"I prefer to eat my table unless I take the client to lunch,\" said Betty mark . \", A literary agent, usually for lunch on the cold chicken and \"rabbit food\" she brought from home.
\"Today\'s restaurant is expensive for even the simplest lunch.
Save time, I can go to the bookstore or leave early and play tennis.
\"Another longtime member of the brown bag brigade Sal DiFranco, a 37-year-old service manager at Brooks Brothers, prepares his wife Geraldine every morning for a coveted lunch, his
His favorites are Italian specialties such as eggplant parmigiana heroes and Genoa sausage sandwiches.
\"Bringing lunch means I don\'t have to fight with the crowd at the restaurant, and I don\'t have to waste time waiting in line for the service,\" he said . \"
DiFranco eats at the back room table on the third floor.
\"I was diving in mangiya.
\"Not all the people with lunch ate from the table.
Gerard Vasisko, an architect at the Manhattan city planning office, chewed a tuna on his drawing board, while Diana Rolls-Royce, a 23-year-old Weaver, chewed on the sidelines. While she was working on a loom, she drank a glass of apple and grapefruit juice.
Several lawyers are among the most avid lunch lovers.
Alan Herschenfeld, a 30-year-old legal clerk who works with Phillips, naize, Benjamin, creme and Barron, a variety of \"fine weather\", although \"it\'s a bit offensive, because it doesn\'t fit the lawyer\'s image, it still takes away a bag of mixed fruits and vegetables plus a natural food muffin.
\"The ad\'s recent spot check of the city\'s parks found that several\" fine weather \"Browns abandoned the buffer comfort of the restaurant booth and instead sat on wooden benches where they sat, fried chicken, cheese burger and yogurt with desserts such as potato chips and watermelon slices.
\"I\'m really not a hardcore brown baker,\" explained program analyst Bruce lenderstrom, he opened on a sunny table at Green Acre Park on East 51 Street \"but when the weather is good, I like to eat outdoors. It\'s relaxing.
\"A few blocks away from Paley Park, Robert zukt, an investment banker at the Drayton company
Have lunch with his wife Sandy and 7-year-old son Gregory and have burgers and chips purchased from a nearby coffee shop.
\"It\'s fun to eat sandwiches outdoors,\" he said . \"
Zuckett drinks iced tea.
\"But it\'s really not expensive --
Right after Greg took us next door to creative games.
A version of this file was printed on page 20 of the New York edition on June 21, 1974, titled: a pot of wine, a loaf of breadAnd a brown bag.
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