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by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
On the day before the effective date, the package fee was officially invalidated.
Later this afternoon, Governor Cuomo announced that he would sign a bill to overthrow Mayor Blasio and the City Council to create five-
Most stores in New York City use cents in plastic bags or paper bags.
State councillors agreed on the importance of reducing plastic use, but expressed concern about the additional cost of low cost
Income of residents.
Cuomo said in a statement, \"while New York City law is a serious attempt at a real solution, it is undeniable that there are serious flaws in the city\'s bill.
The governor said that businesses retain fees and earn \"$100 million a year in unexpected wealth\" is \"the most objectionable \".
\"Cuomo announced that he will set up a task force across the state to develop a unified plan to solve the problem of plastic bags.
What did you say? Are you happy or disappointed to learn about these five aspects?
This year, the money-sharing fee was put on hold. Are you surprised that Governor Como did not work with state councillors to reach a compromise on this controversial issue to reduce the use of plastic, but not to reduce the burden
Income New yorkers, if the state councillors from Utica have the final say on the local bill, why are there city councillors from Queens who don\'t know what is good for the five boroughs.
They just want to swim in our income stream.
I was just at Homedepo and they were charging 5c for a bag and trust me I used to take a bunch of stuff as a poo bag for my dog and finally, if they charge us for the environment, we will stop using them and find different ways to carry our stuff or line up our trash can.
Fernando from Queens.
I\'m in San Francisco and they have this and I can\'t remember if it\'s 5 cents or 10 cents, but my point is I don\'t understand at all, I think it should be abandoned and then the bottle fee.
The bottle exchange system is mainly used by homeless people, I have no problem with this, my problem is that people are not really using these items, I know CVS used to do green bag stuff where you have cards, every 4 times you buy a reusable bag and you have a $1 gift voucher
However, this doesn\'t work throughout the city and you can\'t have a valid citywide gift card at Chinese restaurants in Harlem and outside of Staten Island, so that doesn\'t work.
I think there is really no reason for this.
Alex E. Harum can you imagine how long it will take to get out of the supermarket with this tax? Can you imagine a rise in combat crime at checkout?
Adrienne, what I don\'t understand about Jackson Heights is that in urban areas, not bagging garbage does not cause pests, increases in mice, and so on.
Maybe brown paper bags that can be tied up.
Let\'s get some clever millennial to solve this problem and then enforce the law.
Arlene of Sheepshead Bay is a large recycler. . .
But I have a dog.
So are millions of New Yorkers.
I used all the plastic bags from the grocery store to pick up my puppy\'s poop.
So I saved my money.
And many people stepped on from the dog fight.
Carol I haven\'t bought garbage bags for more than 30 years, I use garbage bags from supermarkets.
If I can\'t use the garbage then what will I use to throw away my garbage, I have to buy plastic garbage bags now and spend money unnecessarily.
Where are the different places, Sunnyside I don\'t want to say but I agree with DeBlasio for the first time!
I think this package fee will be very helpful for small business owners.
Also, I am an environmental enthusiast.
I think these steps are necessary if you notice them where you care about envo.
Like Whole Foods, they only use envo.
Friendly Paper bags!
I don\'t understand why we don\'t just have a plastic bag.
Also, when I buy something else frozen, tell ShopRite that there is no need for two bags for a pint of Ben and Jerrys ice cream.
The big wigs of these companies are wasting this opportunity.
President Trump didn\'t help because he didn\'t think there was anything that hurt envo!
Midwoodi\'s \"Corgi\" believes that the method of killing plastic bags is entirely for money, and Cuomo is mostly paid by the industry.
San Francisco has been very successful in banning plastic bags, which Europe has charged for years.
Everyone has their own bag.
Shame, shame of Cuoma christina, there is no doubt that this fee is only for profit.
I use the plastic bag I brought home to handle my home garbage.
If a 5 cent plastic bag fee is to be charged, I will buy a box of plastic bags in order to dispose of the garbage.
So I still use the same amount of plastic bags, but now I have to pay for it.
Please explain to me how this is to protect the environment. Cindy\'s exemption from Manhattan bag tax is an easy and effective way to control the plastic in our waste logistics.
In Washington, D. C. And many European countries, a 5-cent fee can reduce urban plastic waste.
Even if people only buy one or two items when they are free, they tend to bring a plastic bag.
At a slight price, people will reconsider their choice and whether they need a package.
Paper bags are not much better when you consider the energy costs built into paper.
The easiest solution is to make the New Yorker worth mentioning.
Dan in Brooklyn if the person on the food voucher does not need to pay, but the taxpayer pays twice for himself and then twice for the food voucher receipt, it is unfair to people
The elderly and those who rely on every penny cannot afford it.
People who say 5 cents are nothing.
Not just a bag.
I am a senior student.
I put the plastic bag in the trash can while shopping at the grocery store.
I now have to pay 5 cents per bag to carry my trash and now I can take care of my trash for free.
Once the 5 cents fee is in effect, I now have to pay a few dollars a week for these packages.
Princess Diana picks up plastic bags near public primary schools every day.
Often near public housing.
Dk in Greenburg, Brooklyn.
We can use re-without a doubt-
Take our groceries home with bags instead of plastic bags.
I\'m really tired of seeing plastic bags in trees and blowing around the street. But I -
I believe many people --
Use these bags to arrange home waste baskets and throw non-
Recyclable garbage is neatly and cleanly removed from the garbage tank.
If I don\'t have a plastic bag from the grocery store, I have to go out and buy it.
You buy it thicker than a grocery bag.
The city of Allen tries to collect money in any way possible, paying for services that can\'t afford it. .
Franklin\'s free service cost too much!
Thank you, Governor Como!
The price of the bag is already included in the price of the item, so this will only give the store free money at the extra cost of the shopper. ÂBesides that -
How can this be fair? Not everyone can bear the pain of being crushed to death.
Some people can hardly afford food.
Even on food stamps.
A person\'s income is limited, so if they run out of food voucher money, then they have to pay for the bags they can\'t afford.
Thanks to Governor Cuomo for helping ordinary New Yorkers who are already on the financial edge. ÂWhew ! Â Whew ! Â and Whew !
Thank you Governor Cuomo!
Esmerelda in East New York should put his big head in a plastic bag.
We have great Mamaluk here. Dario. Ozone Pk.
John, the cost shows a complete lack of knowledge of the way Niles lives.
Should I take my reusable bag anywhere I go in case I go to the store and cause more trouble to NYers.
It\'s hard enough to live here.
People from other places drive to the store and can put their bags in the trunk.
If this is about the environment, why would they charge for paper bags that can be recycled, which is an opportunity to grab money for the whole thing.
First, we elected a city council and a mayor to deal with New York.
Why can\'t the governor manage his own business? Secondly, on average, New Yorkers have at least 100 disposable bags in their apartments.
It is not possible for anyone to pay any extra money to buy luggage.
Third, urban laws are good for the environment.
The council\'s actions are pertinent.
We need to reduce the number of landfill sites, which is a way.
When I went to the store, I forgot my reusable bags, which are usually twice or three times as many as my groceries.
I have to tell them I don\'t need so many bags. It\'s a waste -
This is an unnecessary waste.
Finally, you can\'t even buy a 5 cent bag in California.
They have completely eliminated disposable plastic bags.
If you don\'t bring your own bag, you have to take your stuff in your hand or buy a reusable bag at the counter.
New Yorkers don\'t need to count on the governor anymore.
Who is more than happy to interfere in urban affairs for political reasons?
The habit of making their environment irresponsible.
I\'m Heather from Southern California.
The law has come into effect here recently and I am very happy.
All this pollution must be done.
For those who say they need it to protect food pollution. . .
Use small bags that exempt and/or wash reusable plastic bags.
It\'s your own fault if you\'re sick.
To the elderly woman, she has to spend an extra $2 a week and 40 bags a week!
Of course I hope you don\'t need 40 bags a week.
People, reuse your plastic bags.
A keep the canvas bag with you at any time.
You can do that! It\'s worth it!
We need to completely eliminate plastic bags.
I am shopping with my handbag and I am 26 years old.
I am fully aware of the damage it does to our environment and we have to take care of it.
Plastics don\'t break down like other materials, and they end up everywhere if we keep using them.
For those who are worried that you have a lot of groceries, the tote bag is more durable than the plastic bag you are using now and can fill up a lot of your stuff.
Throw away the bag.
Heidi from Bay ridgei has a question, what about other plastic products?
What\'s the point if we still throw them on the trash!
Houda plastic bags from Queens, Astoria are a scourge that can be seen everywhere in the environment, trees and every waterway.
They degrade in the water, the fish eat them, you eat the fish and wonder why you are sick.
Bring it yourself!
We did it before plastic, and we should learn that there is no plastic;
The cost of 5 cents is nothing.
We can do this and we will not work hard only through pure laziness.
I use the grocery bag to make the trash, I buy the bag if I don\'t get it, but I have a big bag, i\'m using canvas bags and I\'m 52 years old with what your mother used, I remember the bags were woven and they reached out to carry more than one plastic bag, we don\'t tell them how to do snow removal in Buffalo, and we don\'t worry about bags, I guess what the road bridge at the airport would be like for the country to do the right thing by charging 5 cents for plastic bags.
No matter what the income is, 5 cents per bag will not disappoint anyone.
If someone uses 20 plastic bags a week, just one dollar. People can.
Bring your own reusable bag.
It\'s not an inconvenience and it\'s better for the environment.
Jeff from Bay ridge believes that it is a good thing for Governor Como to oppose the feeling of a 5-point wallet, because if Governor Como does agree that Mayor Bill de Blasio and others who support 5 this law is valid. . .
This is not good for shoppers as they have to pay an extra 5 cents as well as the total cost. . .
They will give more money-
Only 5 cents.
Any extra cents charged with the total cost means that if they don\'t provide enough, people have to pay more and look for more cents.
Also, if the bill is passed and the new bill is not known, people will charge 5 cents less and 5 cents extra for plastic bags --
If they make a definite change, they may have no choice but to leave all the shopping behind.
That\'s why I agree with Governor Como and think it\'s a good thing that these 5 cents are temporarily closed.
Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.
Jim, Queens, Jamaica, may charge if you have more than a certain amount of plastic bags. John. I agree with Alan, a former caller.
I re-use these bags for domestic waste.
Mr. Catsimatidis of Gristides mentioned last week on his way to town hall that in his grocery store they recycled plastic bags.
Because many people use these bags to handle household garbage, it\'s not sure if they actually solve a problem with the New York City Council bill.
I remember when the bag bill was suggested for the first time, a commenter came up with \"how do you handle household garbage by hand \".
With a bill like this, I will actually buy more bags to handle my home garbage.
Bags in tree reviews are a bit exaggerated.
Reusable bags can\'t be supported either, mind you need to keep cleaning these bags to prevent contamination.
The reason why John Oakwood City Council cannot return the fees to the community or special funds is because it will be treated as a \"tax\" and tax laws can only be developed by the State Council.
The city continues to suffer from a lack of family rules.
Whether it\'s housing laws, tax laws or school controls, New York City should implement family management in these vital areas. The long-
The term solution is compost (
Which Mayor Bill is launching nearby).
John from Stuyvesant town is far behind New York in this regard, which is crazy.
Use cost income for the first year to help low-income NYers provide reusable bags.
After that, the proceeds should be used to help the environment, not to return to the merchant.
Recently, 30 plastic bags were found in the belly of a dead whale.
The package fee is the only way to change people\'s behavior so they can bring reusable packages.
Nylon reusable bags are durable and lightweight, with 5 or more in one jacket pocket. (
You can get 10 packs on Amazon for $15).
Lisa I live in Queens, 64 years old, maybe 5 years old for Mayor de Blasio, because 5 cents is not money, but I count every penny, very low income people for people who think of retirement or illness, I don\'t have enough money, every penny we save and use to maintain garbich.
He has to care about low income and the elderly, and I am disappointed that I am working incredibly for him and Como. A.
In Europe, somehow, if the customer does not bring their own bag, they will charge the customer for it and thus survive.
In Europe, people are not polluted like flies.
Downtown Manhattan marchory agrees with Governor Como that The New York-based Mark Richmond Hill is like a criminal colony.
Why not give discounts to people who don\'t use plastic bags?
Mike from Queens.
Both Deblasio and Cuomo should leave the office and be impeached.
This constant act of going back and forth and personal use of electricity is causing harm to us in 5 administrative districts.
We got Cuomo-
You hate deBlasio, suck it up, man!
You run a state here, not a popular table in the lunch room.
DeBlasio went back to Cuomo and I was tired of looking at this back and forth.
The thing about this plastic bag was unwise at first and we never really heard of the goal --
Nonsense about DEBLASIO and CUOMO arguing about it!
I\'m tired of it.
2017 I will vote for Bo Ditel and 2018 I will find a new governor to vote.
This is too pitiful.
Dr. Rock of Fidi may object to the bill because there are some plastic bag companies in his area that are loyal donors to his campaign!
Mickey I think they should start making bags that designers reuse so everyone will be proud to walk around with those shopping bags that make fashion statements.
Naresh from Queens is a staff member of the city council, which ultimately needs to say --
The state needs to stop interfering with the legislative authority of Parliament.
This is the only state in the alliance, and the governors and state legislatures often do not care about the eight states.
5 million New Yorkers are involved in local affairs.
They should stop the intervention and let the city take action to reduce the rent, protect the environment and protect our people.
I can\'t afford the milk to rise from $2 in 2003 to $3 in 2010 to $4 in 2017.
I can\'t afford this anymore!
Maybe $0.
05 go to mta so I don\'t have to spend extra money on the subway.
If this goes into effect, money will accumulate quickly, and we have a chance to make good use of it rather than hand it over to corrupt politicians so that it can magically disappear.
I can\'t afford this, Cuomo seems to forget that in New York, we have some poor residents who can\'t afford this nonsense anymore.
The cost of living has risen (Thanks Guliani)
The cost of goods has risen (
Thank you, Bloomberg.
When will they charge the air?
Olivia, roccarvasa, bag tax has been implemented in Europe for many years.
It works and everyone knows to shop with reusable bags.
The line is no longer.
When you shop and buy bags.
You charge $0.
A paper bag that is not plastic.
Save money, save the environment and get a recyclable bag.
However, I do think that the people of New York should have some transparency about how to use the collected funds and the law to protect consumers from the effects of retailers raising prices or double taxation of bags.
Patrick in Manhattan
Why not use paper bags free of charge like before plastic, paper is biodegradable.
Or, when I bring in reusable bags, remove 5cen for each bag I use.
Because the retailer got 5cen.
Peter I am disgusted with the odd tree hugs who want to tax the middle class, who are born and die for everyone else to pay for all their services.
Recycling fees will be charged at the City Hall.
The big government is stealing our freedom and prosperity with more taxes.
Unfortunately, this is a \"tax\" on the elderly and working poor \".
Free packages are available to recipients of benefits.
Why are there certain items, especially red meat and poultry, where you need a bag.
The committee does not represent their constituents, but because they have gained $35,000 in growth from DeBlasio, they may be able to afford this \"tax package \".
I use reusable bags but you still need plastic bags & we don\'t need another tax.
It was a pleasure that Cuomo canceled the tax, Philip, Rockaway Park, if our grandmother and the Great
No plastic bags, Grandma can survive, and we can.
Compost left me with little food waste.
Don\'t complain about the inconvenience or financial problems. This is easy.
Rob, East Village, I\'m happy with the $0 probation.
Not because of the financial burden, but because we have $0 for plastic bags.
The deposit we paid for plastic bottles was originally meant for people to bring the bottles back as environmental help, but that didn\'t happen.
I still see plastic bottles on the train station on the street.
Not only has this not happened, but it is usually homeless or very poor people who return the bottles after turning over people\'s trash cans.
I do think this is an extra tax and I don\'t believe it will stop people from buying plastic bags and I don\'t think it will keep plastic bags away from the streets.
I know people say it\'s only $0, which is inconvenient for me.
But every penny is important when you live in an expensive city.
I agree with the governor!
Stop selling garbage bags and force people to reuse them.
I haven\'t bought a box of garbage bags for more than 20 years.
Why not include the paper part of the bill.
Of course, Governor Cuomo expressed his displeasure at the cost of this misuse of plastic bags.
If he doesn\'t, then that will only add to the reputation of New York State and the city as a vampire government, at least governor Como seems to be aware of this, especially when he and other Democrats are ready to re-election.
Como will not risk doing anything to guarantee the Republican Party\'s victory in the election.
Sal 2 Flushing, why don\'t the City Council jump up and down when the MTA raises the fare? Why is the city council concerned about cracking down on overpriced rent rises, or are it bothered to protest the education that forced teachers to have to cut if parliament cares about the poor, buying school supplies for their students in our city why not advocate the use of reusable bags instead of complaining that their ingredients will be unfairly charged for plastic bags? These ingredients know how to think for themselves, and do want to protect the environment and be sure to switch to time-free use that can be reused.
The political pomp is enough.
Steve Forest Hill.
I applaud the governor for stopping this bill.
The local government in New York is trying to pass a law that quickly gets the support of environmental activists, which feels very irresponsible.
In theory, it makes sense, and it\'s very green, but they don\'t take into account the complexity of the burden this puts on retailers (
Complaints, training, refusal to pay, etc).
Tim Upper East, I\'m not surprised at the governor\'s actions. -
In fact, the \"fee\" is almost a tax except for the name;
The only reason 5 cents go to the merchant is to prevent it from being named tax (
Therefore, it is illegal for the Council to pass without the approval of the legislature).
All of this worked on a cute little tap --
Dancing around state laws and state constitutions, both here and in court, is doomed to failure.
This is also a typical example of excessive
The city council contacted the mayor and they all thought they knew what was best for us.
Bruce Upper West Side Manhattan-if Albany & The City wants to continue their endless fights, can we do the next thing that\'s more important than a 5 cent plastic bag because the mayor and the City Council gave this.
The 05 cent postage fee is paid to the business owner, not to spend money on a trust that is in the interest of something or someone, and the postage fee is a tax on the city residence.
Remember, people always go shopping. . . .
Whether it\'s food shopping, pharmacies, milk, etc. , etc. , etc.
So the average package fee per house can be yes.
50 cents a week. . . .
So you can make $26 to $35 a year. . . . . per household.
This is just one of the dozens of taxes New Yorkers pay each year. . . . . and it adds up.
Also keep in mind that it does not adjust the thickness of the bag anywhere in the New York bag act.
As we all know, bags in some shops are thinner and thinner every year.
If the package fee passes, then the store will make the package cheaper and make more profits. One more thing. . .
I don\'t think these stores have to pay taxes for this new profit maker. Re-
Write the bill and make it smarter and fairer for all.
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