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15 super-practical reuses for paper grocery bags

by:Dezheng     2020-06-13
Just like if you have a bunch of plastic grocery bags in your home, they will have a lot of amazing reuse, as will their paper bags.
Super beautiful paper shopping bag
It\'s useful no matter how big they come in.
You can make paper lamps for your next outdoor party with small paper bags, heat your remaining popcorn kernels with a microwave, or speed up the ripening process of your immature apples, avocados, mangoes, and other fruits.
Larger paper shopping bags can be used to store recyclable items, cover textbooks, or do the last --
If you need to mail some big documents, please give me an emergency envelope for minutes.
At least, your big paper bag can be reused at least a few times. . .
Take groceries for your next trip to the supermarket.
Who will think of it?
Do you have your own awesome idea of reuse for paper shopping bags?
Share with us through the comments below!
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