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14 of the best stationery shops in London

by:Dezheng     2020-04-11
The pen is stronger than the sword, they say, so it is very important to equip the job with the right tools.
Whether you\'re an idea to work from home or you\'re just a fool to update the space with design details, the right desk accessories can turn the toughest management tasks into a pleasant experience.
Just because they are practical doesn\'t mean they can\'t be fashionable either.
The dream desktop space must be inspiring, comforting and productive --
Design in London
The Led stationery store has everything in terms of investing in the right office space suite.
Our edits to the store cover separate spaces, presenting exquisite displays to department stores with the best stock in global stationery design.
Because, while your school life may be over, there is nothing more like the beginning of September than updating the contents of the pencil case.
The store in north London is a millennial dream with a brand pencil that says \"take notes for passive aggression\" and \"super busy and important \".
They also have some notebooks and pencil cases that you can personalize. ohsquirrel. co.
UkThis Covent Garden agency is the best place to pick kits for any aspiring artist-
Or buy some weird new stationery for your office.
You can find pens and notebooks of all colors on two floors, as well as canvas and so on. londongraphics. co.
UkThis East London store is proud to sell \"office sundries in modern workspace\" with a focus on vintage office items inspired by homework, post office and school.
There are 1970 sets of air tickets, swingline stapler and Bauhaus stamps and hipster-
Friendly gradient notebook, graphic desktop calendar and perforated desktop tray.
Basically, you may need Instagram-
Friendly working space.
ComOn your next visit to the Columbia Road flower market will suddenly select and save a lovely little stationery store hidden on historic East London street.
You may need office equipment in a variety of fashion designs
From paper clips and erasers to paperweights and ceramic desktop items.
It also has a very good
If you can\'t face the idea of fighting a Saturday shopper, go to the reserve online store.
Choose to keep.
\"Momentof the moment\" Hay, founded in 2002, specializes in stationery and furniture to celebrate the Danish design beginning at the peak of 1950 and 60 years of age.
Their golden Phi scissors collect something of worship, but in the beautiful mini market of Selfridges, there are other tools to achieve a simple and simple table.
Look for concrete tables, wooden cube rulers and ceramic trays for laying gold bullet pens.
If you can\'t go to their London flagship store, COS is now stocking classics by brand. hay. dkHusband-and-
Wife team Javvy M Royle and Frieda Gormley have stood out from textiles and applied their super cool floral prints to a range of home accessories.
If you have covered the sofa and walls with exotic palm prints --
Or you can\'t afford it-
Pick up their pockets
The notebook and pencil case versions are pleasant. houseofhackney.
ComYou will have to control the urge to swipe credit cards at this church Street store that sells knick-
Gadgets for \"dalst\" fashion folkloreNewington’.
In addition to notebooks and pens, there is also the most brilliant --
Smell sandalwood desktop candles and toiletries from Korres and Lucky Tiger, keep your hands moist.
Search and rescue. co.
Not only does Liberty have notebooks in its eponymous print, but it also has some excellent global stationery designers.
Kate Spade and 19-year-old marble make their debut here again.
Printed paper products and geometric patterns of Tom Pigeon.
Looking for octagonal wooden desk tidys-
Practical and stylish. liberty. co.
UK premium magazine introducing culture, current affairs, business and design now lets readers buy part of its premium magazine
End the global lifestyle
Its first store in Marylebone stores all the tools modern people may need
Cashmere scarves, Porter handbags and a variety of fashion stationery have been prepared for discerning merchants. monocle.
This shop on Red Church Street may look like one of the capital for centuries.
Old boozers from outside, but walk inside and you\'ll find one of London\'s most curated spaces.
In addition to hardware and clothing, this quaint store also sells many timeless stationery in daily life --
You may have used a lot when you were a child.
The school has exercise books, mechanical pencils, school slate sets, wood boards, hardcover notebooks, PVC glue, etc. labourandwait. co.
Located in Angel, this store and studio sells its own personalized stationery and works of various designers.
You\'ll find contemporary stationery in San Francisco, fun gift wrap accessories made in Brooklyn, \"toys\" from Margiela\'s Fashion Home, neon Japanese iPad covers and Kate Spade stationery.
They also offer modern calligraphy services for wedding invitations, as well as their own modern calligraphy workshop. quilllondon.
Londoners who want to enjoy part of the lifestyle of Scandi should go to skandia.
In addition to the simplest furniture, the design mall also sells some beautiful stationery from Sanzhai lifetime, hay and Skultuna.
Skagerak\'s Dania trust is not cheap for £ 99, but for those who are desperate for parliamentary tax bills and bank letters, it will be an investment worth investing in. skandium.
The ComThis luxury leather brand has grown in 130, so it is well aware of quality design.
Its personalized stationery, with your own letter combination printed on envelopes and paper, is a little indulgence that everyone who still practices writing should be kind to themselves.
There are portable leather diaries in the eyes elsewhere
Pop-up color (
It would be great if you found yourself often losing your stuff in your bag)
Notebook and investment pen. smythson.
ComThis independent custom stationery store in fashion Mount Street claims to provide the fastest stationery turnaround time at the time.
Small options available
Paper products purchased-
The store, or you can pay a little extra for their in-house design services, offering from dye
Stamping to engraving.
This is a bonus for brides who wish to have the best wedding invitation in Mayfair --its in-
House artists can create original illustrations based on you and your fiancee.
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