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10 ways to save money on scrapbooking

by:Dezheng     2020-06-20
The popularity of scrapbooks is choppy, but the cost of scrapbooks seems to be rising.
Scrapbooks are fun and an expression of creativity.
It can be a social hobby if you want, it can save memories.
But it will also ruin your bank if you are not careful!
Purchase everything from scrapbook paper and stickers to scissors and glue, not to mention anything like pop-
The dots, punches, stamps, and more quickly added up.
The scrapbook supplies provided by the crafts store are very precious and are a bit addictive to collect!
It is very tempting to buy all the new scrapbook items for each page.
But follow some basic tips to save money while still getting cool, creative scrapbook pages. 1)
Paper collages get cute 3D scrapbook decorations without the cost of those expensive 3D stickers!
The scrapbook sticker aisle at your craft store is probably one of the most dangerous areas for scrapbook adventures to enter.
Temptations abound.
Especially when you see those cute size art bags, all of them are ready and can be posted on your page without glue or scissors.
Every season, every major life event, even some daily activities, they have stickers.
But you can create copies of these size stickers yourself!
They may not look the same, but they are just as cute as they are, made from \"shards\", perfect for your cheap scrapbook.
Paper with texture, scissors, and maybe some pop music. dots (
Add dimension)
Probably chalk.
Chalk will increase the size on the edge of the paper)
You can make Easter Bunny and Halloween pumpkin and even Disney princess.
Check scrapbooks, etc.
It is used for all kinds of free paper piecing patterns. 2)
When you type out cute little pieces from your card, will you throw away the paper left around the wound? out? Don\'t!
Punch the paper left behind-
Out can be easily used in many ways.
After all, there is a reason why this is called scrapbook.
If the rest of the scrapbook paper is long enough, cut the notes from it and somehow incorporate them into your design.
Use the negative space around punchingout piece.
For example, you hit a heart.
Around your heart
A square hole.
You now have a new addition to your heart theme. 3)
Paper tape, ribbon.
So many colors, textures, shapes and patterns! So many prices!
Even for \"cheap\" or discounted ribbons, a roll can be sold for a dollar.
So please use the paper tape instead for a cheap scrapbook.
When a scrapbook page needs a beautiful strap running along the bottom or behind the photo, cut out long fine strips of beautiful textured cards or paper to produce the same effect.
To save the bonus, cut the scrapbook note from the rest of the paper instead of the new full 12x12.
Also, the note is easier to stick on than the ribbon glue or tape! 4)
Alter Chipboard letter we all appear in the form of a scrapbook: you have the perfect layout with a coordinated color, but by the time the title comes you can\'t get it right.
So you go to the craft store and buy new supplies instead of digging the old ones for something you can \"satisfy.
Instead of buying a new alphabet, change the cardboard letters you already have by matching your page with ink.
Save five or six dollars for a box of new letters!
Changing cardboard is also a kind of page decoration technology.
For example, cut the letters in half for a Whirlpool border.
It\'s great when you only know the last few letters you won\'t use in the text.
Don\'t throw them away!
Instead, find a way to incorporate them into your scrapbook design.
For example, if \"O\" is big enough, it can make a creative framework. 5)
Create the next scrapbook using a standard paper bag instead of buying a brand new 6x6 album or even a blank cardboard scrapbook.
This is the epitome of the scrapbook on the budget, because it is resourceful.
There are paper bags and scrapbooks everywhere on the Internet.
The assembly of this simple scrapbook album is actually very simple and requires only three paper bags.
After folding the bags, you either stitch them together, or punch them, and tie them together with beautiful ribbons or ropes.
Then you can decorate it with a fraction of the cost, just like any other scrapbook!
Tip: paper bags don\'t have to be brown.
If you want to leave the border of the bag on the cut out paper, then choose a paper bag color that best suits your scrapbook theme. 6)
Waiting for the CouponsCoupons seems like an obvious suggestion on how to save a scrapbook.
But keep this in mind!
Joann Fabrics and Michael\'s are two of the most common craft shops and scrapbook supplies suppliers who often send coupons in flyers to people on mailing lists.
Of course, download their app!
I don\'t have at least a 25% coupon waiting for me on my phone yet.
In addition to coupons, discounts and sales throughout the store are also normal.
When the right cleaning and waiting will save you a lot of money, never pay the full price for your scrapbook sticker or paper. 7)
EBay LotsWhile while online shopping sometimes seems to pose a threat to \"real\" stores due to how prevalent it is, surprisingly, forget how easy it is to find your handmade items on sites like eBay.
Maybe it\'s a shame on the \"used\" item, or just forget about it, or if you choose to go to the store right away, it\'s the appeal of instant gratification.
But individual sellers who clean up scrapbooking supplies are rampant, ready to distribute you a pile of stickers, paper and other decorations at the right price --
This may be less than you buy these scrapbooks separately in the store. (
You can also check if eBay has a discontinued supply! )8)
By clearing supplies in unlikely places, remove \"scrap\" from scrapbooks \".
Unlimited possibilities!
Free or minimum cost scrapbook items are right by your side!
For example: cut pictures from magazines, or cut text from old newspaper articles, collect postcards from travel, and even locally, and pages with memorabiliaTry in scrapbook tags, ticket roots and other souvenirs, with old buttons on the shirt, you will throw away 9)
Make your own photo corner, and a roll of the photo corner is not expensive, making your own photo corner allows you to be creative, match the design with the page, and mix the paper together.
Instead of buying sticks-
On the triangle, bend the paper of the small square to produce the same effect. Use pop-
Add buttons or other decorative points on completed items.
This is a great way to use the smaller scrap you might throw into the trash.
You will love the effect and you will recycle the old supplies. 10)
The craft shops are full of fun bubbles that are cheap, simple, cute and fun.
It has lovely shapes and bright colors and is usually suitable for all major festivals and seasons.
Just make sure it does not contain acid as you will use it next to the photo.
But if so, you can go.
Fun foam usually has the back of the sticker, which means you can save glue as well.
It\'s also 3D!
Save money what are some of your tips for saving money on scrapbooks?
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