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10 best diaries for 2019

by:Dezheng     2020-06-10
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January is usually a miserable month and cold weather and Christmas bills need to be paid, but a shiny new diary is a joy to make exciting plans for the coming year.
Forget Google Calendar and Outlook-many of us won\'t dream of abandoning our paper diaries for their online peers.
But which diary to choose?
From a stylish pocket
Jewelry size notebook
Like color, for the planners of inspiring poetry, we have found the best 2019 diaries to guide you through the year of the pig.
Some people have fun stickers to make you happy, others have motivational maxims to cheer you up and keep you straight and narrow.
We love this stylish leather hardcover diary from kikki, a global Swedish design and stationery company. K.
In addition to pleasing to the eye, it is very practical and has a layout every week and every month to track expenses, books, movies, favorite restaurants, bars and space for taking notes.
As a lovely extra thing, there is a pack of \"little stickers for life\", a set of golden stars, hearts and stickers to mark important days in your life, such as paid days, parties and holidays.
The diary appears in the colors of blue, charcoal gray or pink at dusk.
Since its launch in 2015, Buy nowPapier has had a huge impact on the online stationery market.
The company is proud of its \"carefully curated design series, combined with high-quality printing and high-end paper\", producing everything from birthday cards to wedding stationery, often working with wellWell-known designers
Its Diary is amazing, especially this one, which has a hardcover book designed by the mother of pearl, the fashion house of East London, which can be personalised with your name.
Year inside-to-view, month-to-view and week-to-
View the pagesplus monthly target-
List of important dates and wishes.
Hey, your diary is pleasant and positive.
Hardcover for a weekto-
This diary encourages you to start a new year with a thriving attitude.
Every month, an optimistic message is received-\"Every day is a new start\" in January, \"Follow your dreams\" in December-and there is plenty of room to record.
Its value is also very good.
Now buy this is the nursery of the diary: an elegant cross
Grain Leather Diary of luxury leather goods brand Smythson.
From candy pink to Nile blue, it\'s available in eight colors, gold plated
Edge, light blue paper, luxurious silk lining and pockets on the back.
This is a big size (
Slightly smaller than A5)
Give it a week. to-
As you can see on the left, there is a spacious \"to-do\" list on the right, as well as maps of London Metro, New York Metro and Hong Kong traffic.
If you can\'t wait to start, it runs from November 2018 to January 2020.
Buying nowPoetry is good for the soul-so, how about a diary featuring some of the most famous poems in the Faber & Faber Poetry archives? This week-to-
View planner includes a specially selected Faber cover or poem for each week of the year, from Steven Manley Hopkins\'s \"infrsanid\" in January to Wendy\'s \"December\"
The Faber poetry list celebrates its 90 th anniversary on 2019, and this hardcover diary is a great way to appreciate some of our best poet\'s works.
The elegant manuscript, including the patchwork Faber cover, is a joy.
Buy nowkeith quit her company career in 2013, started her personalized stationery company and won a series of business awards.
She sells all kinds of diaries and we like this soft back A5 plan very much.
It has a neat layout with plenty of note space on the back and eight colors (
From mint green to midnight blue)
, Using good quality paper, you can personalize your name with gold, silver or rose gold foil.
If you like a larger diary, please buy this A4-now-
The big little beauty of Oliver Bonners will do that.
Hardcover is printed with the words \"work hard, play hard and be kind to others\", and it is packed with weekly and monthly views, lively illustrations and bright and relaxed slogans.
There is a lot of space for graffiti, drawings and notes, so if your New Year\'s resolution is to write a novel or start a business, this diary will get you started.
There are also smaller versions.
Partridge & Bell\'s hardcover diary can now be purchased in red, teal or gray and can personalize your name in whirlpool-like gold, copper or silver lettering. This A5 week-to-
Check out the diary full of useful information, including a list of holidays and festivals for the next three years, International dial-up codes and pages to keep track of your expenses.
If you want a diary that can arrange your life for you, this is the ideal choice.
The most famous thing to buy nowEmma Bridgewater is her eyes.
British famous ceramic brands have everything from bedding to tea towels.
You won\'t lose this eye-catching A5 hardcover diary in a hurry-decorated with artichokes, it really stands out from the crowd.
Gourmets and gardeners will love the artwork inside-it is displayed every month with different vegetables, including red peppers, onions and peas in pods.
The layout is clear, pleasing to the eye, and there is plenty of room for you to remember notes, contacts and things.
Art lovers who buy now will enjoy a reminder of the Tate Modern Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy exhibition.
This hard pocket
The diary of the week is very valuableto-
Check out the layout and Picasso\'s masterpieces at the beginning of each month.
The paintings include nude women and three dancers sitting in a Red Armchair.
Most importantly, there is a beautiful envelope on the back cover to store the exhibition tickets. This diary will inspire you to buy.
There are so many beautiful 2019 diaries on the market now, from simple and clear diaries to optimistic and thought-provoking diaries, we are all spoiled.
However, kikki is our favorite. K’s ultra-
Fashion A5 bonded leather weekly, followed by Papier autumn flower mother of pearl 2019 diary.
If you\'re happy to splurge, the elegant Smythson 2019 Soho diary with pocket is top notch.
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